Quarry Park & Polish Auto Show 2013: Part 2 of 2

Part 2! I realize I missed a lot of other cars but it was getting increasingly difficult to get shots of cars as the day went on because of all the people. Most of the shots I am posting is when registration was beginning and the public wasn’t really wandering around yet.

Anyways last one!

This black Lamborghini Countach started off the trio…

White one…

Red one

All three! Such an awesome sight.

I love American Muscle, but I’ll admit that I know next to nothing about them. I can definitely appreciate when things are done right though and this GT500 is sick.

Another shot of the J’s Racing S2000

The Rocket Bunny FR-S – looking pretty good. I felt like the lip and skirts should have been painted but it still looked nice.

Solomon’s 3-series

The line up of red Ferrari’s…

Probably my favourite at the show was the super rare BMW 850i. So clean!

This Merc was parked on the exotics side but I feel like it was a bit confused. The matte black was decent but the yellow accents kind of killed the look. The calipers were painted extremely messy and certain parts were not masked so it looked like it was done in 5 minutes. The other yellow accents were OK – but I think it would’ve been better if maybe just the headlights were done if he insisted something had to be covered in yellow.

I guess it’s ok that you park like that…

A super clean G35 with a sporty look. Advan RS-D’s and AP racing BBK all around and I believe it was supercharged. Good job, sir.

Bill’s Ford Focus

Kyle’s Celica

This guy was there before us but man did this thing look like it came out of the 90’s or what? The paint job was great and I’m glad he did it the right way because it was even fitted nicely as well. The rest of the car was a bit dated… Later on we found out that it had a bumping sound system which proceeded to draw crowds for the rest of the day…

… Which looked like this. Sounded good… but still, I felt like it was kind of dated to do even that.

Back to our regular program – another shot of the LS.

Punit’s GS


Again of the S2000. I am particularly fond of the S2000 mainly because it was Nick’s and I had shot it a few years earlier. I remember way back when it was silver and on Work Meister 3PC. So seeing this still around today and in still fairly good condition makes me happy.

A few shots of the WSC members

Lester’s Mini

Rich’s WRX… Again, on new coloured wheels.

Another crowd favourite was this Datsun 240z. This guy actually lives near me and whenever I’m driving home, I always see him cleaning it or working on it. I recognized it because of the colour and the license plate and confirmed when he rolled up. Super minty and perfectly done. I’d love to shoot this…

He had Recaros from a DC2R in there as well I believe.

Shot of the incredibly immaculate engine bay. So good.

Kind of midway through the show and Ollie was passed out under the Mini because it was getting super hot.

The rev competition began. JC trying to get oxygen through his palms because of the polluted air and Ollie awake and confused.

I wish I could have captured smoke or something from the revving, but these two were going at it for a while.

After that, I had left to go attend some other issues… but I don’t think much else happened after that. The end!

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