Quarry Park & Polish Auto Show 2013: Part 1 of 2

Well the past Saturday was the annual Quarry Park & Polish Auto Show and like every year, we always try and make it out and show some support. The show is sponsored by MADD Canada and it’s essentially a free show with a lot of stuff going on. Awards, prize bags, raffles, and other pretty cool things so there is no reason for us not to go. They’ve always been super accommodating for us because we’re a totally different crowd than what they usually have – exotics and American muscle. Then you see all us ricers in our Japanese cars trying to fit in.

It always takes place at the Cardel Homes head office and it’s a pretty big lot for a bunch of cars to just roll into and show. The big wig at Cardel always brings all his toys out and it’s always awesome to see since they’re usually parked right underground. The main office is usually opened for browsing and they have the theater open as well. Various automotive documentaries are played throughout the day – one of which was “Senna” – but I didn’t get a chance to go in and watch at time it was playing. This time there was go-karting around back for people to watch, some RC car racing, and throughout the day there are little events like a revving competition. It’s always a good time because it’s a nice and short show and it’s a good time to just hang out and relax.

Speaking of ricers trying to fit in – they put us all in an area together because we are like-minded individuals and there is no need for hate. I get that there can be distaste and a very likely chance that some people aren’t going to like some modifications that others do. There is even going to be a superiority complex between groups that makes them think their style is better than everybody else – and it may as well be. But when certain groups vocally hate on other groups (that are parked right beside them) it ruins a good show. It’s one thing to have an Aventador and hate and it’s another thing to have a stock car with plastidipped parts and fake wheels and hate. People need to get off their imaginary high horse and just do you.

Personally, I have always built my cars for myself and not to impress anybody else. The recognition comes after the fact if you build it with a true and complete vision – not before. People shouldn’t be building cars for the recognition in the first place. It’s when you start off wanting attention that you really start to lose respect from other people. But that’s just my mini rant based on a few comments we heard from our neighbours at the show… Too bad.

Anyways – on with part 1!

Upon arriving to the show, there was a bit of a line up. Didn’t know why until we got up there, but there was a photographer positioning each car in front of a black background and taking pics. That was a pretty sweet idea!

Punit stopped in the middle lol

Was lucky enough to find a parking for the Mean Girls together.

The awards table. Pretty awesome idea as well – parts that were salvaged off of a wrecked Ferrari were made into various awards.

Even handed out exhibitor tags this year. Lucky 150.

The “world champion” award.

Most likely to be towed. Punit and his Integra should have got that?

Most horsepower…

Car we wish we had. I would say the Aventador…

Best show stopper – this was my favourite looking award.

Most carbon fiber…

Best headlight turner…

Inside were the raffles that we got to enter. One of the more popular choices was a set of HRE wheels. Here is one for display.

The rest of the gang showed up. Ryan in his EP3

Alex in his Integra

Noel in his S13

Prashant in his C63 AMG

Started off at the beginning of our line. A super clean Celica Supra

A minty Supra

An immaculate 5-series.

An awesome Volkswagen G60 that was for sale. Later on in the day the owner put up a sign asking for offers.

Punit’s GS450h


JC’s CT200h

Nick Chow’s old S2000 with some new shoes – TE37SL’s. He recently just sold the WORK Meister M1R’s that came with the car. I think this is a better look because it’s more of a “track” look but both wheels were money.

Super clean Focus. I didn’t really notice it until I walked around to the side but it was sitting nice and low on some BBS RS’s. This one was executed very nicely.

Alex’s Integra

A very well done Miata with a matte black finish on RPF1’s

McLaren MP4-12C up front and center.

Shot of the engine bay.

Super rare Alfa Romeo

Ollie towering down on another little dog as we were walking.

McDonald’s free coffee this year!

A super sick BMW Turbo clone. This was for sale too..

For $30,000 it could be yours!

Junior go karting set up in the back. You can see some of the karts getting tuned up.

A super mint Mini.

This was a beautifully finished HRE wheel. Not sure what the finish is called but it was orange and copper-ish and up close you could see the brushed finished. Awesome.

An RC car race track.

A Porsche Cayenne wrapped in a satin matte blue finish. Perfect job as well.

Part 2 tomorrow!

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