BTS: Photoshoot with MDM Visuals

Well, I’m super stoked because as I said in the previous post – tonight was the photoshoot that Mike McConnell from MDM Visuals did of my car. The reason I’m so excited is because Mike is literally the first person to shoot stills of my car ever. Ever since I had my Civic, then my STI, and now my LS – no one but myself has done photoshoots of them. That’s mainly the reason I rarely have any proper shots of my own car unless I did it for my own feature and whatnot. I was also kind of picky with who shot my car – I’m thankful that someone like Mike had asked me and I was totally willing to let him at it.

I did take my camera just to do some behind the scenes shots – I didn’t take many shots of the cars because I didn’t want to take anything away from him. Once Mike finishes the shots, I’ll post them up for you guys to see as well. I think they turned out well… The locations were awesome, the lighting was awesome… not much to ask for!

Got to the meeting point and chillaxed for a bit. Car was freshly washed just minutes before this.

JC showed up not too long after…

We headed up to a location on a hill up to a trailer park which ended up being a super awesome location even with all the traffic going up and down. Mike’s friend – Jesse – also joined us to help him with rolling shots as well. You can see Mike over the edge taking shots.

The view.

Mike shooting JC’s CT.

Moved onto the next location and this was a super awesome spot. As Mike said – the possibilities are endless here. They really were!

JC and I getting set up for a dual shot.

Here’s a shot of Mike and JC again doing his instagram thing.

A wider shot of the location.

Mike taking more shots.

Ending it here on Stoney Trail with JC’s car. We split our ways after Mike got some more rolling shots… I’m hoping to see Mike’s shots soon!
Shout out again to Mike and Jesse for taking the time this evening for shooting both our cars!

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