“Pls Take Fotos of My Car!”

A little mini rant – it’s kind of overdue mainly because I never cared much for it nor have I really been paying attention. It’s not until I started reading some of the comments on illmotion’s website with their coverage of the show and shine.

Disclaimer: I personally have no control over what they post, which cars they take pictures of, or which cars got left out. I don’t care either.

But I’m going to continue running with that point… There’s a lot of bitching and whining from individuals who brought their cars to the show and didn’t get any pictures. There’s a lot of bitching and whining about too many Honda’s and Acura’s at the show. There’s basically a lot of bitching and whining. As one of the hundreds of other photographers at the show, I’ll also be one of the hundreds that will straight up say that I’m not a fan of taking pictures of cars that looked like they were slapped together in a night, have bad paint, have some late 90’s projector headlights, a shitty plasti-dip job, or have stock suspension with some Tenzo’s that you just picked up last week. I don’t care how much you spent on your rims, I don’t care how fresh your paint was – if it was put together half assed, then the chances of my lazy ass taking a picture of your car is also pretty low.

There’s just so many factors when it comes to taking pictures of cars at a car show. I totally understand that people that attend a car show enter because they want to “show off” their cars. I also understand that these same people also want to feel like their efforts should be appreciated and admired in the same way as the car beside them. By this point, you’ll probably guess that I’m a pretty understanding guy so it won’t be any surprise to you when I say that I also understand that these SAME people want people to take pictures of their cars. When a person takes a picture of your car you feel accomplished, you feel good because someone other than yourself loves your car. I get it. It’s a great feeling and I won’t deny it at all. I love when I catch someone taking a picture of my car – whether they’re doing it to hate on it or to love it, they still took a picture.

On the flip side, I’ve also been in the same boat where people didn’t take pictures of my car. My first car show at Driven with the Civic – I swear I had the sickest Civic. Doesn’t everybody think they have the sickest whip? That’s the problem. Everybody has an ego and they think that people are entitled to stroke it. Negative, my friend. Nobody has to like your car. Looking back, my Civic was embarrassing at its first show. This brings me to the point of all this – frankly, people want to see unique and interesting builds/cars. They want to see something different, something that changes their idea of how a car should be built… and while your car just came out of a $5k paint booth but still looks stock, it doesn’t make the crowd blink twice. And while I’m directing all the reasons of why we didn’t take a picture of your car to how you built it, it could really just be unfortunate timing. Maybe someone got in the way and the shot was bad, maybe you (the owner) was standing in front of it because you felt compelled to and we didn’t want to wait around…

Whatever the reason, I don’t apologize for not taking a picture of your car and I don’t think any of the other photographers would either.

Conclusion: Your car is your baby and everybody will always think their baby is the best and that’s not always the case. You enter the car show without any promises of your car getting shot, so you should leave the car show without any of those expectations.

TLDR version: You have a stock-ish car that looks half-assed. You will most likely get no pictures.

And for those that have no idea what I’m talking about and think I’m just complaining for nothing, I took a few snippets of some of the people that got some hurt feelings.


An upset individual that somehow overcounted all the Civics at the show then blamed illmotion for the visitors that didn’t register to get into the actual show – which Name2 clearly points out. illmotion can you please make sure that you get less Civics and more of the visitor cars in the show next time? That would be great.2

Another one and I really just sense some hate and jelly mix. I’m not going to deny that I am friends and acquaintances with many of the winners that won that day, and same goes for the guys in illmotion – so yes, that makes them friends. However, I will also not deny that every single winner that day deserved it far more than anybody else in that crowd. I’ll even go as far as saying that I think they’re crazy for spending that much money into a car because I never could. I’d like to see them dispute every winner’s right to the award… Simply because they couldn’t.3

Another one. This one is a little different because now they are not only entitled to a picture because they entered the show, but also because they entered with a shop. The logic doesn’t make any sense to me. 4

And the last one that I found kind of funny. I’m not going to point it all out because I know you can all read, but it’s pretty lame. And to end it all off, Poodle creates a bang with a great comment to put the cherry on top. It really all comes down to this sarcastic tone unfortunately.

Now that you’ve come this far – sit and think about it. All because a few people didn’t get a picture… I’m pretty sure everybody has an iPhone with a camera just like everybody had a Civic at the show. You could’ve just taken it yourself. Just saying.

One thought on ““Pls Take Fotos of My Car!”

  1. But…. why didn’t you walk into the spectator parking lot and take a picture of my stock car? Just cause I didn’t enter your silly car show? Oh, there was someone standing in front of it? You could have photoshopped them out!

    In fact, I’m planning on buying one-of-a-kind rims that will look killer. You should photoshop those rims onto my car. And it’ll be lower… so you should lower it in the picture. And I’ll have a hot girlfriend by then too… so just photoshop a hot girl into the picture.

    Kids these days 🙂

    The show was good. Your car looks killer as always. Looking forward to what you do next to it.

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