illmotion Sunday School Show & Shine: Part 5

Final chapter – there is no better way to end the week than with the last few shots I got at Sunday School. Not as big of a post because most of the cars are done – I went around and tried to snap some more random pics and got a few other shots.

This concludes my coverage of Sunday School once again for this year. I was just told that illmotion raised over $3000 that day from all the registrations, sales, and donations from all of you guys, so a huge thumbs up for them for putting on another great show and to everyone else for coming out and showing your cars for the day. I know that while I was sitting in the booth and trying to cool off, lots of individuals spent hundreds alone on just raffle tickets. All of it goes towards a good cause at the end of the day and people are able to take home awesome prizes too.

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I was sitting under the tent trying to cool off – even the camera started to get super hot. I was also trying to avoid getting burned but it didn’t work out…

I wasn’t the only one trying to cool off. For the other guys, being there super early probably wasn’t helping their case either. Barb, JC and Carla were still manning the table. Hard work.

Tried to get a higher shot of the main lot and Downtown in the back. Lots of people!

Barb and Punit trying to pass time.

Another shot of the main lot.

Had to get a shot of the “Mean Girls” haha

Rear quarter shot of Derek’s Celsior. Love it.

A shot of half of the Poor Form group.

Shot of three of Autodream’s Silvia’s

Shane’s Integra on Advan RG’s

Shot of the hot boyz

Awards time.

JC calling out numbers for prizes. It’s also awesome to see how big the crowd has gotten over the years. I couldn’t capture it all but because it was so hot that day, lots of them were in the shade over to the left. A whole bunch of others are standing out in the burning sun to the right. I remember the first year that the show was put on, the crowd was just a little underwhelming. Lots of people were itching to leave if they didn’t already, they didn’t know what they were sticking around for, etc. Now it’s awesome to not be able to even count the faces in the crowd.

Shot of the crowd to the right.

Got a shot of one of the lucky winners… and no, I did not only take this because a girl won. I just happened to be standing there paying attention when she came up so I snapped a quick picture. Check out the sick drift RC’s and once again, a fender roller up for grabs. Everybody always wants that.

Ended up moving off into the shade too cause it was getting way too hot.

I’ll end the shot with Corey taking more video – this was right after the awards were over. Corey always ends up killing the videos that he does and he only gets better so be on the look out for this one…

And that’s a wrap! Another Sunday School Show & Shine in the bag. Now we basically count the days until winter comes and then we look forward to new builds and changes for next year!

Now that the events are covered off, I’ll try my best to start going out and doing some shoots. I’m a bit busy in-between days with Calgary Corporate Challenge coming up and new-home matters to deal with… Hopefully I can just find a week in September and go photoshoot crazy.

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