illmotion Sunday School Show & Shine: Part 4

Part 4! Only one more to go after this and it’ll just be some quick random shots that I took. Perhaps I’ll go through the batch again and see if I overlooked anything and throw them in there. I know that some of the cars got switched around after I originally went around so we’ll see what comes from that…

This is basically the “shop” side of the show – all the local shops around the city bringing out their customer cars, their own builds, and supporters. Basically no single entries on the other side… and it’s just as awesome as the other side.

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Aubrey brought Ollie out to play later in the day. He’s basically the car meet dog now – airs down when he stands still. It was so hot that day, he just wanted to chill in the shade and eat ice.

Ryan and Punit pretending to do work.

Starting this side off with Top Speed and their multi-award winning Nissan Skyline. It’s also one of my favourites – done up nice and clean with WORK Meister S1’s and vinyl along the side that works well with the car.

A clean Silvia with a Ferrari rear end conversion. Didn’t get a pic of it… But you can see the rear start to flow into it. It was done exceptionally well too haha

The same Silvia at Driven a few months ago. Another nicely done car by Top Speed.

The strictly-track S2000 that we’ve seen for years now. It was a beast when it was first built and it still is. Quality doesn’t age.

I think this is the only other EP3 other than Ryan’s. haha still pretty clean.

Chameleon-ish matte wrap. I stand corrected. It’s actually plastidipped. Thanks to Punit for letting me know. It looks OK but the rest of the car was pretty stock. I think this would look way better if there was some aero and decent wheels. Headlights were hazy too.

Jimmy’s 2JZ GS in the Vex booth. Another build that doesn’t really get old because it’s gone above and beyond what most people would do. The forged 3-piece Rotiform NUE’s are still a wheel that’s rarely seen but they sit nicely on the GS. A mix of VIP and straight up power.

Varis-kitted STI hatch. Brings back old memories…

Here we start off with Jackie’s booth – Zero Limit. Jackie was also another one of the shops that really brought together some of the best cars in Calgary. What better way to start this off than with Alex Markovic’s fully built turbo Integra. I can’t even begin to tell you guys how much attention to detail Alex has with this car. With just about $120k in the car, you’d think he got everything. Every 10mm bolt in the engine bay has been replaced with 30 sets of Mugen license plate bolts – yes, even the ones you can’t see. AP1 S2000 retrofit for his headlights. The car has been resprayed several times – and he says it’s because it needs it, but I think it’s because he actually just accidentally wiped it with the dirty side of a microfiber cloth. The list literally just keeps going and that’s the reason he took home one of the honour roll awards – rightfully so, too.

Not too long ago, Alex’s engine was pretty much done and he was pretty close to parting it out and ending the Integra. With the support of friends – he decided against it and rebuilt it all over again – now it sits how you see it today. Hopefully you’ll see a shoot for it soon… He’s next up on my list.

Errol Tan’s Amuse widebody S2000 on RPF1’s. Another unique and neck-breaking build – it’s simple and clean, even with the aggressiveness the Amuse kit brings. It still works without the giant wing – it starts to grow on you.

Brad Atkin’s K20 EM1. Another build that has been in the making for as long as I’ve known Brad and even way before then. Some fairly new parts that were recently switched out since I last saw his car are the orange Volk TE37’s and the retrofitted headlights off of the Ryan Der’s Civic from ATS Garage.

Another awesome build is Adrian Perry’s fully built and boosted B18 EJ1 on Work RSZ-R’s. Sleeper mode with the hood on. I don’t see this car enough… I love it.

The one and only – Jackie Tong’s NSX on brand new Advan RS’s, downforce sideskirts and (another) lip. The pains of being low.

I’ll insert this personal shout out to Jackie right now since it seems fitting – ever since he’s opened shop, I know his business has been booming and it’s non stop everyday for him and I’m super stoked for him. Nothing but good stuff coming out of that shop and I know he’s always willing to help out a friend. I’m happy that he was able to play a big part of getting the LS together and for that – I wouldn’t recommend anyone else.

Steve Chan’s RSX sitting clean as always. Mugen-kitted on mag blue TE37’s and DC5R Brembos. Out back he had retrofitted an S2000 Spoon diffuser not too long ago.

Flipping over to the other side and we see Daniel Chan’s (Gangster D) J’s Racing Fit. This is actually his daily and his winter beater and it still looks gangster as F. Yakima roofrack for snowboarding, RE30’s, Spoon twin block brakes, J’s wing/lip – the works. You need that downforce for the winter. A nice detail on his fit is actually his carbon hood. He got a J’s decal made and placed it over the hood and then had it repainted. Now he’s got the J’s logo in carbon and the rest of the hood in white. No 3M Di-Noc here…

Daniel’s “fun/track” car – Spoon S2000 – fully kitted in Spoon aero, RE30’s and spoon brakes sitting behind them. Again – no corner left unturned here.

Aldo’s S2000 – white on white with CE28’s. This project is new for Aldo, but he’s already well on his way. fitted with a J’s racing 70rr catback – it is still the best sounding exhaust for the S2000 IMO even though it makes your ears bleed. I don’t doubt that Aldo has more plans for this in the future.

Ryan Tsang’s Hyundai Genesis coupe on Vossen wheels. I don’t know of him personally though so I don’t know much about his whip…

Gopesh Sharma’s VW GTI MKV sitting pretty on his newly powdercoated wheels.

Andrew Taylor’s VW GTI MK6 on 3DSM wheels. Also a fairly new project to him, we’ll see what he has in store…

A shot of all the bikes.

Moving onto Calgary Auto Spa – first up was their flagship car – the BMW M5. It’s fitted with a J’s Racing GT wing on the back as well.

Alex Ho’s FRS

David Fung’s E90x fully wrapped in matte white by himself. David is the main 3M installer/tinter for Calgary Auto Spa and was the one who tinted my tails on the LS and also on my STI. He’s your go-to guy for all your tint and 3M needs.

Charlie’s boosted IS sitting nice and low on WORK Varianza T1s.

Super minty Mitsubishi Evo V.

This EK rolled in a little later and it was super clean. I had to get a shot of it – I loved the colour. Great fitment – someone correct me if I’m wrong, but is this the same STRD EK that was built a long time ago?

Finally got around to getting back to this GTI MK6 on air and BBS’s. Hope to shoot this soon too…

OK one more to go! The last part won’t be as big – just random shots here and there… Almost done!

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