illmotion Sunday School Show & Shine: Part 3

Part 3! This is going to be a bit longer since I’m trying to fit in two rows of cars into one post. Lots more to go!

If you missed out – part 1 and 2 are below:

illmotion Sunday School Show & Shine Part 1

illmotion Sunday School Show & Shine Part 2

Starting off with JC, Barb and Carla chillin’ in the booth during some down time.

The Hot Boyz came out to join in their drift weapons. Jack Connelly and his JZX81 Chaser

Jordan Hall and his Miata

Eric Zapata and his 1JZ S13

The three of them together. Too good of a shot to pass up. At the last second, chump over to the right there thought he’d get in on the action too. GOD, I hate when that happens.

A unique EM2

Andy’s GTR

Levi’s GTR

Romel’s super clean AE86. Nice and simple.

Pretty clean Integra with the JDM front end conversion. I liked the colour combo.

An oldschooler came as well – he ended up leaving early, probably cause he felt like he didn’t fit in. Regardless – a clean car!

Autodream came out with a handful of nice Silvia’s – A lot of them on Meisters, too! No complaints here…

As much as I like the S15 look, the conversion just doesn’t look as great as the real thing. I prefer the S14 style here.

Pretty clean Evo X on Advan RG-D’s with 4X4 status. Wish it was a bit lower

Saw several of these slammed skateboards haha


Loved this STI – I always see it driving around. Good work on not choosing Rota’s, sir.

Speed Options always come out with super clean and well-thought out cars. Hoang’s K20 EM1 is a prime example. His J’s wing is Jackie Law’s old wing from his S2000 when he decided to go for the 1700mm wide one. It ended up fitting and Hoang took it! The white Volk TE37’s is my favourite look for his car. The white and blue compliment each other so well.

Another super clean K20 hatch on RE30’s. Love the retrofit too.

It doesn’t end there… Another clean comptech supercharged-K hatch on Spoon SW388’s with 5 lug conversion with Spoon twin block brakes sitting behind them. Spoon reclinable seats and Spoon steering wheel as well.

This Civic hatch had immaculate paint and it was paired perfectly with mag blue TE37’s also with a 5-lug conversion.

Eric Yu’s FG Civic. You might remember I posted a throwback of his car when I shot it a few years ago when his car was on Advan RZ’s. He is now rocking a set of mag blue TE37’s as well with a J’s front lip. All he needs now is a J’s wing.

This is popping up more and more lately – M3’s with a dash of Japanese flavour – another set of mag blue TE37’s in 19’s. TE37’s make everything look good though.

Mugen kitted RSX with blue Recaro’s and Volk CE28’s. Can’t go wrong with white on white.

Tuan’s ITR with a fairly fresh K-swap on TE37’s. Maybe I’m on crack but I think the other side was on SE37’s… I don’t even remember. Maybe I just saw it on his instagram and I’m making shit up. haha

Something rare to see now is this White DA Integra. Nicely done with the CF accents and red Recaros inside.

Nathan’s ITR on Mugen MF10’s. He’s been on stock ITR wheels until recently which helps the car stand out much more. Love the look.

Another ITR with JDM front on Sprint Hart’s.

Finally ending the Speed Options line was Terry’s K-swapped ITR on Volk TE37SL’s, Voltex GT wing, Mugen buckets… and the list goes on. Terry went on to win the honour roll award that day. Well deserved.

Clean Datsun

Clean 350Z that enters a lot of the shows around the city on SSR SP3’s

Shot of the show from the back of the lot.

The J-swapped Civic that never could. It’s been swapped for years and has joined every show I’ve ever been to but has never been run. It was cool at first, but if it can’t run then what’s the point?

The clean Miata that was just recently completed.

Clean STI hatch on Advan RG-D’s.

Interesting Evo X – the full front was Carbon. That was pretty much it..

Devon’s exceptionally clean EG6

Ray’s batmobile STI on Work M1r’s

Giuseppe’s Skyline. Giuseppe is one of the most down to earth guys I know – super chill and has respect for every car no matter what the style. I first met Giuseppe back in 2006 at my first car show and since then, his Skyline has always been one of my favourites. One of the newest additions to his car for this show was the Rocket Bunny lip spoiler. Couldn’t get a good shot of it, but trust when I say it looks bad ass.

Ending it here with Arif’s EK and his new Seeker wing.

Finally! Done one half of the lot. Next up is the shop side!

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