Imposter Alert!

Totally random post but I thought it was worth posting just cause it’s hilarious.

Thanks to Lisa Nguyen for letting me know about it – she was one of the “victims” lol.

This dude named “Mike Velocie” – and I doubt he’s anything but real – probably a little kid that wants the attention of girls but can’t get it anywhere but online through a false identity, is using my picture and my car(s) to mack it up. Apparently he’s going around messaging girls on Facebook and asking them if they want a photoshoot with “his” car. I don’t know what he would do if the girl ever said yes (god forbid they do) hahaha

There’s a few funny things about this whole thing – mainly because Lisa calls him out on so many things. Personally, if I were to impersonate someone, I’d get my facts straight to even make it believable. He says I’m a buddy of his (false), he thinks I still drive the white STI (false), and he jacks one of my pics from the “Mean Girls” photoshoot and says I drive the GS (Punit’s car) which is also – you guessed it – false. LOL! The other funny thing is that he’s using a pic of me that Giuseppe randomly snapped of me at Driven this year. Hilariousssssssssssss.

Anyways – thanks again to Lisa for showing me this and thanks x10 for calling this douche out.

My bets are that you’re “probably” reading this Mike Velocie – since the odds are you’re my biggest fan, so I give you credit for trying but you can’t fake the funk, my man.

If by any chance any girls read this and you’ve been hit on by Mike Velocie for a photoshoot – I’m a cool motherf*cker in person. Say hi. LOL


The pic and the conversation he had with LisaScreenshot_2013-07-29-16-06-16

Also – I can’t find him on facebook. Probably cause he knew this would happen. hahahahaha

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