New Home Owners!

Well finally after a few months I get to share the news with everybody! Since Diana just graduated from her second degree, we were looking around for houses and didn’t find the right one until last week. We decided to head up to Airdrie after searching most of the NW of Calgary to no avail. Some were super nice, but a super nice house also comes with a hefty price tag. We still want to be able to live life and afford other things so we made sure to create a budget and stick to it before falling in love with something we couldn’t afford.

And so you might have guessed by now that one of the biggest reasons I’ve been so busy and not being able to attend photoshoots or anything was because every weekend we were running around looking at homes, and up until this week, I’ve been doing a bunch of mortgage approval and stuff. A lot more work than you might think if you haven’t bought a house before, so it’s definitely a daunting thing to think about.

Well, we finally settled on a house that had everything we needed and everything we “think” we could need for the next 10+ years so we decided to seal the deal and sign our lives away this afternoon. Over the past week Diana and I had made a bunch of structural and design changes to the floor plan to really make it feel like home when we finally moved into it. Our proposed move in date is for March 19th, 2014 – so it’s still a while away, but super exciting!

Car meet and BBQ at our place when we’re settled in! hahahaha


Our intro and design binderIMG_20130727_205843

Official legal binding document. AKA – we are broke.IMG-20130727-WA0005

And a selfie shot LOL

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