Throwback: Jackie Law’s Honda S2000 – Part 2 of 3

Second part to this trilogy lol.

This was the same “phase”, if you will, as the Meisters. These were his original wheels – I just never got around to doing a shoot for it until a few months after. If I remember correctly, it may have even been a full year later but I don’t remember Jackie keeping wheels for that long… Whatever the case, this was a shoot that I did for him because he wanted one last one while he was back in Calgary and he hadn’t gotten shots of it on his custom candy blue TE37’s. Don’t be mistaken – a lot of people think it’s the limited F-Zero blue that Volk offered for a little while, but it isn’t.

If you remember just late last year, Jackie was on a set of yellow TE37’s – that set (which is now sold) along with this custom candy blue were picked out by Jackie and painted by his friend. The crazy thing about it all is that they weren’t even the same set. He had bought two different sets (at different times, of course) just to try a different color.

Anyways, this was a great look for Jackie’s S2000 because it matched his Cusco cage nicely. Unfortunately, his fenders – as you’ll notice – are still cracked and quite beat up in this whole series of posts since he hadn’t gotten around to taking the car back home and repairing them yet. Today – they are back in good shape, though.

Side profile. This is a good shot to see how low he actually drives and it still boggles my mind how none of his shit is messed up. I couldn’t handle it when I had the STI – my Varis bumper sat almost as low and I scraped it on everything. He actually got up onto that pavement using the narrow ramp you see on the bottom left of the picture.

Shot of his wing. Tall and wide.

Ass shot. It looks awesome from the rear because you can see just how wide the wing is. Right out to the side mirrors.

A shot of his rear fitment. Tight.

And of course – rolling shots. I loved the rolling shots of Jackie’s car because it literally looks like the car is just hovering across the road.

One last one before I post the final part!

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