Throwback: Jackie Law’s Honda S2000 – Part 1 of 3

As I was going through content to post, I realized that I haven’t really posted Jackie’s S2000 up on the blog ever, besides a few shots here and there. When he was still in Calgary, we did a bunch of shoots and I think out of all the shoots I’ve ever done, I’ve still got the most shots of his car than anyone else.

The one thing I loved about shooting Jackie’s car was that it always looked good – didn’t matter where I shot it, whether the car was dirty or clean, or if the weather was shitty – it was one damn photogenic car. That made for great pictures – we all love to see a good picture, but when the subject is also eye-catching, it’s tough to look away.

Anyways, I decided to go through some of the pics that I’ve taken of Jackie’s car over the years and post them up as a three part throwback. I’m just showing “phases” of the car – the three parts that I’ll be posting really just showcases the different wheels that he’s tried/owned since 2010. The first part being when we swapped wheels – he tried on my Meisters and I took his TE37’s. This was way back when Speedtech was still around and even today when I drive by it – a new granite shop – I still miss it. That’s where I spent a lot of my time after school or before work just hanging out for hours. It became the chill spot for a long time.

Anyways – there aren’t many shots of his car on the Meisters since we only swapped wheels for about an hour. Still a gooder though…

desaturated shot of the fresh swap.

And another artistic shot of his ASM bumper.

Profile shot of it on the Meisters. I think it looked awesome – and the wheels are fairly aggressive for a stock S2000 body, but with Jackie’s custom fender work all around, they fit like a glove.

The Meisters kind of give it a half track look and a half roadster look. I may be biased though since I think Meisters look good on everything.

And a rear quarter shot. Money.

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