Los Cabos 2013 – Part IV

Final part! Funny… as I post these, the picture quality gets worse and worse hahaha oh well… Like I said – it’s the content that counts! Quality is a bonus!

These last few pics are of things we just didn’t really want to pull out even the point and shoot so I snapped some quick pics on my phone. I want to get these posted and done with so I don’t have to keep looking back at them and missing it while I’m sitting here at work.

Our plan for next year is to try either Mazatlan or the Mayan Riviera. I *finally* get three weeks vacation, so hopefully we can stagger it so that we can do one in the summer and one near the end of the year so that there is less withdrawal time. Hope everyone enjoyed looking at the pictures at least! I’ll be scrounging around for some more related content either tonight or tomorrow… I’m sure I have something laying around that I have yet to post…

This was a rib steak dinner that I had on the first or second night there. Can’t remember exactly…

Diana’s chicken Caesar lol – it’s so expensive, you have to cut your own lettuce!!

The reason I say that is because at our resort this time, people had the choice of doing a full all-inclusive or just treat the resort as a hotel. So many of the couples/families staying at the resort (for some reason) chose not to do all-inclusive, which means they would have to pay for all their meals and drinks. At first we were confused as to why the menus had prices on them, but after a few meals we saw families paying at the end.

The thing that sucks the most is that the food is not cheap and you’d be crazy to pay for any of the meals there. Our dinners were consistently over $100 easily – and that was one meal. Rib eye steak – $40, chicken Caesar – $25, 1L bottled water – $10, alcoholic drinks – $12, appetizers – $20. It adds up quick and the portion size is not exactly generous… albeit, if I wanted to order more I could have and wouldn’t be charged… Even if we just got a bottle of water and no appetizer, it’s still as expensive as a full meal that you would pay at a local restaurant like Cactus Club Cafe or Earl’s with drinks included.

Lesson of the day: Always get all-inclusive.

Can’t remember what drink this was. But when you stay at an all-inclusive, now is the time to try all the girly, fruity drinks you want, men. And nobody judges you because they’re doing it too.

Breakfast at Siempre. This was really the only place for breakfast and we had buffet everyday. This started my addiction for Jalapenos… Jalapeno, sausage, bacon, ham, and cheese omelet every day. Delish.

Also – fresh squeezed orange juice every day.

More drinks. Diana’s staple drink – the Pina Colada and a Corona for the second day. I didn’t get a beer after that because it was very skunky-tasting every time I got it. I hate it when they leave beer out to do that.

Yet another reason for girly drinks…

This was when we walked the long beach!

Obligatory writing in the sand. Making our mark.

As we walked the beach, we got to see tons of interesting things get washed up onto the sand. There was this one fish – no idea what it was. I’ll call it long-nose fishy – looked like it either got bit by something and spit out cause it tasted bad or it something else got to it…

Close up of it’s face and beak/nose. It was hard as f. Yes, I poked it.

More writing in the sand.

Further down the beach, I spotted a huge puffer fish! It was cool to see cause I used to own two puffer fish but they didn’t last long with my Piranha. This was pretty big for it’s size and it looked like it had just died.

Interesting fact: Puffer fish die (unfortunately) after inflating when they’ve been startled or are defending themselves. That looked to be the cause of this guys’ death…

Diana throwing up fob signs near the dead puffer… RANDOM. LOL kind of cruel.

Speaking of cruel, I did try and poke a hole in it with my walking stick but to no avail. That things’ skin was tough as steel. I ended up just slap-shotting it back into the ocean.

Again with the fob signs…

Diana displaying a bit of Captain Morgan paired with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Dem guns.

This was finally at the end of the beach where the rocks were and a bunch of algae all over the place. Cool place but not worth that long ass walk.

Dinner at the Sunset resort. The sunset resort is about a 5 minute shuttle drive up the hill from the Pacifica (our resort). This place had pretty good dinners but it was such a busy atmosphere. The Sunset resort was open to families – which also means kids running around and being little shits. Diana and her pizza… It was Italian themed that night.

Next day we decided to try the sushi place for the first time. Not bad… I got my fix.

A cool thing was that they made their soy sauce with 50% orange juice as well. Thought it would taste weird but it ended up being pretty good – not as salty as soy sauce on its own.

Getting ready to go back to the beach. As the pics go on, you can see Diana getting darker and darker LOL. As for myself – I am one dark mother effer. At the beginning of our trip, people would ask me if I was filipino. By the end of the trip, people were talking to me in Spanish cause I was as dark as them. BRUTAL.

The koi pond outside the Sunset restaurant. Nice view.

More drinks. These ones were called Miami Vice – half strawberry daiquiri, half pina colada. The only reason we knew about these drinks was because I overheard one lady order it and when the waitress brought it out, it looked delicious so we ordered some too. Within a few hours, everybody around the pool had one in hand. Hypebeasts…

hahaha JK

Another dinner. This one in particular was $44 or something. A little tiny steak with three roasted baby potatoes and a small serving of Mexican rice. Needless to say, we went to eat sushi after this.

Another shot of my breakfast of champions. PEEP THAT JALAPENO. Delicious. This was also the last breakfast of champions I had on the trip… T_T

Random shot but this was taken outside of the Duty Free shop at the airport on our way back. After about an hour in there trying to figure out what we wanted, I was outside waiting for Diana while she went to the bathroom. Some lady – you can see her walking away in that white/blue dress – dropped three bottles of vanilla concentrate on the ground, panicked for a bit, looked at her stoned husband who didn’t want anything to do with her, then walked away. FOOL.

And the final pic from our trip. The saddest one – the trip back home… Until next year!

Thanks for looking guys!

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