Los Cabos 2013 – Part II

OK part II coming at ya. This will be the last of the few pics from my camera that were worth posting (because nobody wants to look at selfies LOL). This set was really just the pics I got from walking around by myself while Diana was sleeping in the room all the way until the end of our stay there.

The next two posts will be from Diana’s camera and then the rest from my phone. Not great quality pics, but stuff worth posting – especially because it has the stuff from our excursions and such.

These are pics I took when I walked around the resort alone while Diana was passed out in the room. It was her birthday so she didn’t want to do anything LOL

This was shot near the lobby.

A shot from just outside the lobby looking down at the Siempre and the beach and pools.

The side of the resort looking out onto the beach.

I ended up walking the beach to get some nice shots. I am dark as fuark.

A day time shot of the beach. Diana and I did walk the whole length of the beach which took over an hour to finish. It ended up being a lot longer than we thought – I got pics on my phone which I’ll post later…

A shot of the pool area. This was the “oldies” pool – which Diana and I dubbed. The pool on the other side was the “young” pool. The reason for the naming is pretty obvious, but for the first 5 days, we ended up just sitting at the oldies pool because that was the first pool we got to after breakfast and there was always usually a spot. On our last day, we decided to try out the young pool and we were hitting ourselves for not sitting there earlier on in the week. Good music, a swim up bar, games like darts, football and ping pong, and generally a better crowd.

Another shot.

One of the souvenir stands were open and they were selling these skulls. Skulls were a big thing in Cabos, next to pottery and animals made out of ceramics and glass.

A shot of the center pool which was ultimately connected to the “young” pool lol.

This was outside the deli and the sushi shop. Just nice decorations and cacti. (BTW – I kept saying cactuses and Diana kept correcting me to cacti. So now you know if you didn’t).

Diana when I got back. Still passed out.

We ended that night once again with a rum and coke chugging challenge. You already know who won…

We ended up going to the shop to buy more sunscreen and aloe since we were running out from being addicts. One can of sunscreen spray and this aloe freeze spray cost $37 LOL. JESUS – note to everyone: buy as much as you need instead of buying at resorts. Super crazy mark ups.

On our last night there – we did the sunset ATV tours. Again, I’ll have pics of that posted up later…

This was the morning we were checking out. Beautiful morning and we were so sad to leave. I kind of wished that it rained that day so we wouldn’t be so sad to leave…

Diana trying to look happy lol

Didn’t last long though since she had to pack it all back up… The time was close to say goodbye…

I was being proactive and downloaded a bunch of stuff to play at the airport and on the plane. Steve and JC were the ones that introduced me to Minion Rush and now I’m addicted so I made sure to get that for the ride.

Here’s the lobby with a nice calm pool in the center.

Outside waiting for our ride…

The front area. The center was planted with Agave (think tequila). Funny story about those – the first day we were there and we stood outside waiting for a shuttle, Diana said “whoa look at those crazy pineapples” and proceeded to tell me about the facts she learned about pineapples when she was at the Dole plantation in Hawaii. I stopped her, bluntly told her she was wrong and that they were palm trees. It wasn’t until our ATV tour that we figured out that they were Agave and we were both idiots. LOL

These are palm trees…

The last shot on my SLR was our pick ups from the duty free shop that we ended up staying in for a good hour when we got to the airport. Picked up a bunch of flavoured vodka – Cranberry/Raspberry and Absolut White Grape/Dragonfruit Vodka, and Mango Rum. We also picked up Vanilla concentrate since it’s super cheap in Mexico (if you didn’t know – now you do… again). And Diana got a bunch of mini boxed tic tacs in a huge tic tac container. LOL…

Anyways – post III up next. Those pics are from Diana’s cam!

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