Throwback: Giuseppe’s Nissan Skyline

Ah the final throwback. Giuseppe’s super immaculate Nissan Skyline. Giuseppe is one of the most down to earth and nicest guys in the car world that you can meet. Personally, I’m one of those guys that can damn well appreciate most things unless it’s straight up butt ugly and it looks like it came out of the dump. Giuseppe is actually (most likely) a nicer guy than me – and I don’t admit that often – that I have never heard him hate on anyone’s car, even if it came out of the dump and looked butt ugly.

I met Giuseppe for the first time during my first car show in 2008 and at the time, he still owned the Skyline and it was still in mint condition. Over the years, he’s made minor changes like removing his wing, changing up the wheels and for this particular shoot, he just had a full color change done – it used to be gold before. Whatever state it was in, it was always immaculate and it’s hard not to respect Giuseppe’s car.

A quick funny story during this shoot – we were all parked in a lot and ready to roll out to the shoot location. He was backing up, I also started backing up not knowing he was behind me and he was yelling my name, and as I was rolling back he started yelling louder and louder until I stopped. I looked into my side mirror and he was freaking out because I almost backed into his door. I was literally maybe an inch away before I actually hit his brand new paint job. I felt so bad the entire shoot and I know he was probably freaked too, but knowing Giuseppe – he probably would’ve bought me pizza at the end of the day anyway. Ha!

No rolling shots of this beaut though… Still nice to look at 🙂


Perfection. There aren’t too many Skyline’s around here in this condition. In fact, I think Giuseppe’s Skyline is the cleanest in the whole city.





Love the color.


Unfortunately that’s all the shots I got of his car since three of us were shooting that day and it was blistering hot. I wish I had gotten more but nope.. 😦

Done for throwbacks! Hopefully that kept the blog somewhat updated while I’m in Mexico. When I get back, I’ll post pics of the trip!

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