Throwback: Adnan’s Honda Civic

Another one of Calgary’s cleaner builds is Adnan’s Honda Civic. I met Adnan on the 8thcivic forums when I was also building my 8th gen Civic – after a few meets, we became good friends and we followed each others’ builds closely. Within a short amount of time, Adnan put together a very clean and well thought out Civic.

Adnan re-wrapped his whole interior in red Bride gradation fabric to match his seats. His CCW’s paired with Neo-Chro Project Kics lugs were a great combo for nighthawk black pearl and he was sitting on a great set of Buddyclub N+ coilovers. He had the full HFP lip kit and put the finishing touch on it with his retrofitted projectors – something that is awesome to see when done right.

I believe Adnan still has the Civic, but could possibly be working on other things – I’m not sure – however, this one makes me miss my Civic in it’s final form pretty bad… T_T


Sitting perfect on the CCW’s



Pic of his door insert wrapped in Bride fabric.


Up close of the CCW centers.


Peep that projector retrofit and his minty headlight. Oil slick reflection and all.


Again – the headlights just finish it perfectly.


Rear shot. Red tinted tails.


Just enough stretch and poke.


Obligatory rollers. Those CCW’s look great rolling.


4 down. 1 more  to go!

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