Throwback: Duncan Yu’s Honda Civic DX

Another car I forgot that I never posted up on here was Duncan’s boosted Civic. I admittedly don’t know much about the car except that it’s fast as shit.

His B18C1 (at the time) is putting down 472whp – I say at the time because I don’t know if that’s changed again. It has gone through a bunch of changes and the power has increased significantly every single time.

Regardless, this is a sleeper you don’t see everyday. At this day and age, we’ve moved far from the sleeper builds and more into the flashy, in-your-face builds that Duncan’s Civic is hard to pass up.


Oh you know, just a red Civic with a radiator. Not.


Simple wheel and tire set up.


A sample shot of the powerhouse.


Sticky rubber to put the power down.


Nothing fancy either. No Recaros, no Nardi needed, no wing or diffuser. Just straight up power.



Two in the bag! More throwbacks coming your way!

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