Throwback: Aldrich’s Subaru Impreza WRX

Our first throwback will be with Aldrich’s WRX. It’s a throwback because we shot this car about two years ago (I think) and he’s changed a few things up on the car. In my opinion, this was the time that Rich was conservative with the way he modified his car – not too low, subtle aesthetic mods, wheels that “fit”-if you will, and basically things that just work. “Work” is a very open term – in some peoples’ eyes, -10 degrees of camber “works”. However, Rich was always the type of guy that added modifications to his car because it made sense – it actually “worked”.

Not that there’s anything wrong with his way of modifying a car or my way of modifying a car or anyone else’s – it just helps create individuality.

In any case, I think over the years – whether it be influence from us, a change of heart, being open to try something new – Rich has been steering ever so slowly onto the path of being more aggressive and unique. Not that I hate the path he was on before, but I’ll say that I love the path that he’s on now. He’s now on a set of Raceland coilovers and is probably a good inch and a half lower than these pictures. He’s got a more aggressive set of wheels – Advan RG’s with beefy tires to fill up the wheel well. Rich even went as far as rolling his fenders to make them fit – something that makes me laugh every time I think about it because I never thought he’d go so far that he would have to.

But I digress, in Rich’s defense – he cares more about power than aesthetics, as do many other Subaru owners. I used to be a part of that scene but I was the total opposite of all of them… I think you need a mixture of both.

Evolution at its finest. Let’s look at how his WRX sat a few years ago… The bad thing is I can’t show you how it sits now cause I haven’t shot it since… Which only means I have to shoot it this year *cough* Rich *cough*.


A good shot of how it all sat before all the changes.


Rich is probably looking at this picture and wishing his bumper looked like that again. Two words: Subaru paint.


Dat rear.


Another shot of that immaculate bumper.


This shot reminded me of the project that he just completed. Angel eyes in his projectors today vs his stock headlights back then.



Nice side profile.


AH YES. The rolling shots. What kind of shoot would this be without rolling shots. Also, peep JC’s Corolla on Axis Halos. This triggers me to sing “Started from the bottom now we’re here”. JK I hate that song.



BAM. The end. Stay tuned for the next throw back!

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