I’m Leaving on a Jet Plane…2013 Edition

… And this time I’ll be back on July 13th!

It has turned into our tradition now to leave for a different resort every year during the week of Diana’s birthday – which also falls on the week of Stampede. Not that we care or anything – the last time we went to the Stampede must have been 5+ years ago. I think it’s just something you get tired of after seeing it year after year as a kid. We’ll leave it to the folks that are out of town lol.

This year, we’re headed to Los Cabos for a full week of sun, sun, and more sun! Hopefully this place lives up to it’s expectations! We are staying at the Pueblo Bonito Pacifica Resort & Spa – I’ll have a bunch of pics just like last year when we get back!

Like last year, I’ve scheduled a bunch of posts to go up automatically during the evenings on random days so that the blog doesn’t just die. They’re some good throwbacks that I haven’t really posted on here before, so I think it’ll keep you guys entertained until I get a chance to go shooting again.

We leave tomorrow morning! Ciao!

Two pics of the resort:



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