Naked & Famous: Vintage Nudes

Just wanted to post this up because I can. Just picked up a new pair of raw denim again because it’s been a while since I’ve worn any. I’ve owned 6 pairs of Nudies over the years and they served me great, but I eventually got anxious and ended up washing them after about 7 months. Each and every time I regretted doing it and never wore them again.

I’m trying again with Naked & Famous this time. I got a pair of black skinny guy’s that will eventually get a waxy look after wear which I love. I ruined my black pair of Nudies – by once again… Washing them – so I’m planning on never washing these two pairs.

The other pair, I thought I’d share. This particular pair is really just marketing hype for all the guys who want porn on their jeans and I fell for it. I even pulled the ultimate coupon-er purchase on these bad boys. Found a pair of these on Karmaloop for $80. Found a coupon for 30% off and free shipping. Applied the coupon and got them for mad cheap LOL.

Anyways, here ya go!


Awesome tag. lol


Up close of the boobies… I mean description for you guys.


The leather patch. N&F cycled through 4 different leather patch images. I think I got the best one TBH LOL


Someone told me there’s text on this…


The whole inside is lined with vintage porn.


My personal favourite. LOL

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