Random Shots – Calgary Auto Spa

Right after Michael’s shoot, JC and I headed over to Calgary Auto Spa’s new location for their grand opening party. We showed up a bit late and only stayed for 45 minutes or so, so I’m not sure if the turn out was bigger earlier or whatnot. When we showed up, the grill was still going and everybody was chillin’.

I apologize for not taking any pics – the cars were not really set up for pictures and they were parked all over the place. In retrospect, I should have taken pictures of the inside of their new shop but after a photoshoot in the sun, I didn’t want to take anymore. Instead, I took some shots of the douche parking jobs Steve, JC and I all did at the end. The Scions you see behind us came a few minutes later and they made us look like idiots LOL.


Regina George. Always looks so clean in pics… hahaha took up all that good space too. I think the Scion peeps were swearing at me.


JC’s Gretchen Wiener.


Steve’s RSX lookin’ clean as always.


A random shot of all the FR-S’s and xB’s behind us. The red one was nicely kitted with the Five Axis kit – it just needed wheels and a drop. The matte black wrapped one beside it was also nicely done, but the wrap is kind of getting old… not to say that it doesn’t look good though… And the white one had 19’s and I’m not even sure what wheels they were.

We need some more aggressive FR-S’s around here – with more quality aftermarket parts. Even though the Rocket Bunny kit has been done on tons of FR-S’s, no one can deny it looks bad ass. The FR-S has so much potential, there just aren’t many people willing to bring that potential out.


Another shot of our douche parking.


And one more cause I wanted to.

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