Adam’s Honda Civic EK – Version II “The Second Wind”

Here’s a second, small batch of photos from the photoshoot yesterday afternoon. I managed to go through a few more and pick out some other ones that I liked.

I’ll most likely be going back to these photos a lot to see if I can re-edit or do some before and afters for you guys again. In the meantime – enjoy the last set of Adam’s Civic.

Again – if you want the full high res pics – visit my flickr


Really really really loved this one. The backdrop worked perfectly – almost like we were in Cali cruising along the coast. Silver works so well when it’s bright out.


This was one of the first shots I took yesterday. The reason I didn’t choose this to go in the initial set was because the weather was just turning nice so we were kind of in the middle of overcast, some rain, and some sun. His car looks great though.


Another one on the trail that I ended up missing. The other shot at the same angle was with Adam looking back at the car.


One of the only profile shots I took of the car. I remembered last night that Adam had wanted a profile shot of the car and I was going through my photos hoping I had taken at least one. Thankfully I did and thankfully it turned out awesome. The sun coming through the trees and light holes on the ground. Personally, I don’t think a dark coloured car would’ve worked well here. I was telling Adam yesterday that his car was one of the few that worked awesome with the locations we shot at. My car wouldn’t look right in a nature setting.


Another shot that I felt would’ve looked good if the sun was behind me. Instead, I was shooting in front of it and so the front part of his car ended up being dark, and the top part being washed out because of the glare. We couldn’t turn around and flip sides though cause the backdrop was just empty road and it wasn’t all that great. There was also a yellow sign behind his car in this shot that I managed to photoshop out and that helped the picture out a lot, but still – the lighting isn’t my favourite… but the car looks good. haha

To the left of this picture (and I wish I would have taken a picture) there was this huge ass house with a separated garage that was probably bigger than most houses in the city. The pathway leading up to his house had to have been a good 300 meters. I WISH.


Last one. I liked this one only because it showed how much dish he has in the front and not just in the back. Most people will brag about how much lip they have in their rears. In this case… Adam has more dish in his fronts than most people have in their rears hahaha.

Speaking of dish, before we started the shoot he came over so I could help him get the water etching off his lips since it often sits outside in the rain and doesn’t get dried. The reason for the etching is because he’s got enough camber to hold all the water in a small puddle at the bottom of the wheels. #firstworldproblems lol.

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