New Polarizer Testing

First off – I want to say: “Where have you been all my life?!” But then I think about it and it was always there, but I was just too cheap to go buy one LOL.

The main reason I wanted to get one was because the last few shoots that we’ve had, it’s been super sunny and the polarizer would’ve helped so much. Tomorrow – weather permitting – we’ll be shooting Adam’s car and I want his shoot to turn out real good. Despite all the flooding and everything happening, I’m hoping it holds out like it did today for the most part.

I just tested some shots outside to check it out and so far I’m loving it. Excuse the dirty car…

IMG_3513 copy

My favourite shot I think lolIMG_3515 copy

Paint looks a bit flat on the doors, but I tried it.IMG_3516 copy

A bit better.IMG_3518 copy

Nice windshield.IMG_3519 copy

A shot of Diana’s fitIMG_3522 copy

Closer to the ground.IMG_3523 copy

Last close up. God damn it looks so good slammed on the ground lol

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