Project: Faux Louis Vuitton

A post or two ago, I posted a pic up of the belts that Steve and Barb brought back from Hong Kong for me (thanks guys!) and the reason I asked them to get it for me was to hold my air tank down in the trunk. It was an idea we came up with at the Jackie’s shop when we were all there figuring out the layout of how it should look and also because the tank came with no legs to bolt down.

Anyways – I finally got around to doing it over the last two days. Watch the magic.

*DISCLAIMER: These are not real. I don’t intend to pass them off as real. So don’t be dumb. Thank you.

IMG_3487 copyHow the belts came. Gold buckle with the black damier pattern. The funny thing is the black damier doesn’t even come with a gold buckle unless you swap it out with the white damier belt. hahaha

IMG_3489 copyTook the buckles off to paint them. Here’s a close up.

IMG_3490 copyThe back. And how the “Vuitton” is crooked. Quality control at its finest haha. Even the three little screws holding it to the leather was so cheap. One of them was already stripped so I had to drill it out.

IMG_3492 copyAs I was sanding them down to scuff them a bit, I noticed something funny when I got to the second one.  If you look closely, the left buckle is made out of copper. The right one is made out of stainless steel. Both of them were plated with some fake gold… But I thought it was funny how they were both made out of different materials. They’re also differently weighed LOL.

IMG_3493 copyPainted them matte black like they should be. You can see the screws over to the left there.

IMG_3497 copyMounted back onto the belt. Looks so much better than gold lol

IMG_3502 copyI decided to post it up next to the real one. Can you guys tell which one the real one is? Regardless – they are strikingly similar.

IMG_3504 copyThe old H&M straps holding the tank down.

IMG_3508 copyReplaced.

IMG_3509 copyThe other side…

IMG_3510 copyHow it looks from afar.

IMG_3511 copySteve mentioned he bought the longest ones just incase – I think they were a size 46 LOL. I had to cut off about a foot of it in order for it to fit nicely. Who cuts Louis Vuitton belts? This guy. LOL

IMG_3512 copyPretty good leather though…

All in all – good enough for the trunk and it looks good. I just wanted it to look a little nicer in the back for when I open it up for shows or something. Thanks again to Steve and Barb for going out of their way during their trip to pick these bad boys up for me!

7 thoughts on “Project: Faux Louis Vuitton

    • It’s not tight that it can’t move. It’s snug enough to hold it down to roll back and forth and so that there’s a little bit of give.
      Basically, if I were to get into an accident, the tank would stay in place lol.

  1. How did you made them black? I’ve got 2 from Indonesia. Didn’t knew they didn’t exist. Hahaha. I want to make them matte black also.

  2. Hey I really need help with a piece from the buckle that felt,The screw with the circle that u use to put in the holes to secure the belt.Mine broke and I tried to screw back in together but it didn’t work because I think im missing another piece because it doesn’t screw in completely,but I don’t know what the piece is.Can someone please help me.

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