JC’s Birthday – Random Snaps

Just decided to throw some random pics up I took from my phone (again) only because I don’t have much content still. Planning on shooting Adam’s Civic soon with his new wheels and Sasa’s brothers’ Ferrari when the weather is nice. Maybe I can get to one of them this weekend – fingers crossed!

JC’s birthday dinner was on Tuesday evening at Without Papers – a pizza place in Inglewood which was pretty good. Just took some shots in the lot we parked in because we ended up parking next to a sick Audi wagon dumped on HRE’s…


At JC’s crib waiting to roll out.

IMG_20130611_201019 At the lot. Punit and Gopesh in there as well. IMG_20130611_175704

A shot with the two Audi’s we parked beside. I didn’t get a single shot of it, but believe me – it’s sick. Fitment was on point.IMG_20130611_180003

Mean girls action. Asses on both the cars are all good.IMG_20130611_200708 IMG_20130611_200851 IMG_20130611_201008

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