Arts & Crafts

Decided to tackle the arts and crafts project of making my car with Diana after getting the idea from Cindy. Each piece will be cut out of craft paper – from the windows, door handles, and trim right down to the coilovers, calipers, rotors, wheels and tires. It’s quite a long process, but it’s turning out to be look pretty good for the first go around. The wheels are where I’m kinda stuck right now cause the SSR’s are a bitch to trace and cut out perfectly. I’ll update as I go… But until then, here’s our progress!

IMG_3310 copy

Full body. Still have to add detail to the headlights – projectors, reflections, etc. For the most part, trim, doors, body lines are all drawn in. Need to add seats, mirrors, etcIMG_3312 copyAnd just another up close shot. Gotta clean up the wheel wells and add in the bags/coils with the BBK and wheels… gonna be a bitch.

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