Rise & Grind Thursday

I think it’s kind of considered cheating that I’m just posting up lame pictures from my phone up since I don’t like doing it to begin with, but like I said in the previous post, I haven’t really had any new photoshoots done and I’ve been too lazy to go through old pics that may actually be awesome… Actually the truth is that I’ve gotten back into Call of Duty again and that takes up my whole evening LOL. I’m hoping this weekend I’ll have time for at least one photoshoot if the weather isn’t miserable again like it says it’s going to be. We’ll see…

Shitty pics are better than no pics!

A big reason for the hectic schedule is the recent department move at work and getting settled in and trying to pretty up the place and now we’ve got a bunch of work coming down the pipe.

IMG_20130606_065931Pic I instagrammed this morning. Always one of the first in line in the parking lot at the back since everyone likes to come late. Last night I was thinking about how fast summer is coming and how fast it’s going to go… Before I know it, I’ll be wearing a winter jacket and the car in the back of this photo will be the Civic again. X_X


Brandon and I are a two-man team right now. I creeped him yesterday sitting in the temp desks. It looks super ghetto right now cause all this construction is going on and the new desks are not going to be here until July. I always think it’s hilarious when I peek and I see him all alone in a group of 4 desks with wires hanging down and the shopping cart full of toner in the middle of no where. The desks are all different colours, but we’re pretty sure they were made in the 50’s and peep the Mexican cut out beside him… LOL at least the carpet is new…  IMG_20130606_085250My home now. Moved out of the cave of an office into a nice big corner desk with windows behind me. I can’t complain – the office is nice for privacy, but I’d much rather have a window and open space if I’m going to be sitting here for most of the day. I need it to look better… Just got nothing to design it with.

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