Job Design Lexus LS

Going back and forth between kits the last few months and when I thought I found something, it ended up being one-off custom or not available or something dumb like that. I have been going back and forth between K Break, Mode Parfume, Aimgain and Job Design. While each of the first ones have features that I like, there are aspects about them that turn me off enough to not want it.

I think I’ve mentioned it many times before, but I want a kit that will change the look of the car enough but at the same time be clean enough for me to be able to love for years (if I plan on keeping the LS for a while). And if I don’t keep it, it needs to be nice enough to be able to sell down the road as well. Let’s face it, if I went with the Black Pearl Complete kit – chances are nobody would be willing to buy it and if they were, they wouldn’t even want to spend half of what I would on it.

I’ve been making repeated visits to Job Design’s website and their Hybrid body kit line up and it’s been intriguing me more and more. There are parts of it that really just made me shake my head, but I just realized that I could get the bodyshop to shave off what I don’t like – like those nasty oval fender vents.


Side profile. I’m not sure who thought those fender vents looked good, but if those are shaved off, the fender would be perfect. An easy enough job to do, I’m sure.081[1]

Another part that I would get shaved off is the vents in the side skirts. Again, kind of unnecessary and I hate the look of grill all over the place lol.087~0IS-F style rear outlet with optional muffler. This one looks awesome.


OEM style rear bumper. Also like how this looks.097

Front bumper is the most important to me. I enjoy this look because it somewhat resembles how Aimgain looks, but it’s a bit more aggressive with the fogs and side grill inserts.iroiro_083-

Rear quarter shot with the IS-F style rear. Clean but aggressive.  031~2

Front quarter with those fender grills making me puke.041~2Up close of the front bumper. Great design to compliment the LS lines.

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