Well, after some playing around last night, I came up with two designs – the first one with the center being a big brake kit but JC and Punit veto’d that pretty quick (for some dumb reason, I dunno). And then I changed it to a WORK Meister. Took forever just to vectorize it and it’s still kind of choppy. For the most part this should be the final version with the exception of font changes to match the design better.

Part of me is still unhappy with it but I don’t know what it is. I’m going to sit on this for a while until I decide that it’s good enough to be made into a decal…


2 thoughts on “MOAR DECALS Part III

  1. Hmm. I am not sure. It seems a bit disjointed, like there’s too many individual elements without a centralizing theme.

    Maybe its the crown? There’s a lot of sharp detail in the rest of it, but then the crown seems kind of out of place and soft?

    • I feel the same. I just can’t pinpoint it but every time I remove an element, it feels empty again.

      Might be back to the drawing board again… lol

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