Here’s an update to what I came up with last night. A lot cleaner than the previous version, but I’m still stuck on the center piece.

I want to put a crazy wheel in the center and I feel like that would complete it nicely. Looking at the image as a whole – I feel like it’s kind of cluttered. I will have to create a vector of the wheel and place it in the center to know exactly how it’ll look and probably change up all the text. I kind of just put it there as a place holder to see how it would all fit, but I’ll probably end up changing it. I do like the overall feel of it though, but the greater question is whether or not this is able to be made into a decal with all the fine lines LOL.

Anyways – whether or not this becomes a reality doesn’t matter to me. I just wanted to put something together that could potentially look good.


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