Going all fancy and shit this time. I’m thinking of designing a new decal again that incorporates distinct styling cues and is kind of out there in terms of simplicity, which I like. I want to create a “royal” or “VIP” feel to the decal and really make it unique.

I quickly came up with this last night in photoshop and again – used the same verbiage I did in the Mode Luxe decal. In Japanese it says “High Style Society”. I will most likely be incorporating “Mode Luxe” into the center there, I just gotta figure out how. Some cursive, maybe a crown, who knows. I may end up changing the two animals out to something else as well, but we’ll see what happens…

What do you guys think? It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I think if it turns out right – it could be a very nice “VIP” decal. 🙂

That, or I’ll just end up trashing the idea. LOL!


5 thoughts on “MOAR DECALS!!

    • haha I’m not saying it’s restricted to that – I’m just designing it around the theme!
      Anyone can rock it though, I’m sure.

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