VIP Inspiration

With my wheel and suspension set up all done (for the most part), I’m looking for more things to add to the car that can help add some individuality to the car. My goal with the LS is to stay as true as I can to the way Japanese VIP styling is done and to bring it together so that it’s not only somewhat different, but acceptable in terms of taste and so that it can stand the test of time.

While I do love the aggressive styling of the Black Pearl-1 or Aimgain GT kit, I feel like it’s not something I could love in a few years. And if I don’t love it in a few years, who else would buy it? If it was a $1000 kit, I’d be all over it but unfortunately the VIP scene isn’t cheap by any means. I’m still searching for something that can stand the test of time and still be awesome. K-Break, Mode Parfume, and Aimgain are enough to make the car look different, but subtle enough to stay classy.

I always like to look to the Japanese VIP scene for inspiration and the best way for me to do that is to look at TAS coverage from places like Speedhunters, Stance:Nation and other sites that have that kind of coverage. Even looking back to old TAS posts, we’re barely at that level so it’s something I want to bring into the LS. These pics are courtesy of Speedhunters from the 2013 TAS. Oh what money can do…


Brand new LS460 from the WORK boothTAS-2013-157

Also the brand new Toyota Crown Athlete by Treasure One. I love that damn front end so much but it seems to get so much hate hahaTAS-2013-160

I want to do a VIP van up too one day. The new Sienna’s are perfect…TAS-2013-161


BBK is another must-have.TAS-2013-163

The Nissan Fuga or Infinti M45 is another one of my favourite VIP platforms to build upon. The big body, headlights, and tails make it super awesome to do up.TAS-2013-164

The Toyota Crown on Leon Hardiritt Friedens. Love the new LH wheels.TAS-2013-165

Rear of the Fuga. That ass. Such an awesome car that I also wish I had money to build… But that’s another life.TAS-2013-166


LS430. Again – another one of my favourite platforms. I wish I could own them all.TAS-2013-169

LS460 with super aggressive aero. Would look better a little lower, but still looks good.TAS-2013-170

LS600hL TAS-2013-173

Toyota Vellfire. Most gangster van ever.TAS-2013-175

Star Trek headlights lol. So awesome thoughTAS-2013-176 TAS-2013-177 TAS-2013-179

The new LS460 in the WEDS booth.TAS-2013-183

K-Break’s awesome line up.TAS-2013-184Another Vellfire. Not sure why they can’t bring that here either.

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