Driven 2013: Part V (Finale)

Last post for Driven 2013. See the side bar on the right to see all the other posts if you just tuned in. Just finishing the last of my shots with the wide angle and I walked around quickly to take shots with the 50mm. I said it before the show and I’m hitting myself because I’m saying it now – I should’ve taken more shots. X_X

It’s just such a long ass day of loud music and taking pics that by the end of it all, I don’t feel like even picking up my camera anymore for a few days. Oh well, I got some good captures. Let’s go ahead and end Driven 2013 officially.

IMG_2737 copySome ratchet stuff going on over by the ZR auto booth. All the dudes on the right snapping some pics… lol I wanted to get a full pic of them, but that would be too obvious. I actually probably look just like those guys.

IMG_2823 copyI didn’t get as many pictures from the Autodream booth as I had hoped. For some reason all their cars were facing inwards and then groups of people were all on the inside so it was awkward to take pics. I did manage to get this clean 240 – unfortunately from the back – but still clean.

IMG_2822 copyChrome wrapped Lambo. Not feeling it… but better than most wraps at the show.

IMG_2821 copyThe new Maserati MP12 was unveiled at the show. Pretty crazy…

IMG_2820 copy

IMG_2819 copyClean 240 from Autodream on some aggressive Meisters.

IMG_2818 copyAnother Evo X on RPF1’s and a Voltex wing.

IMG_2817 copyTommy’s BMW M3 and Bike.

IMG_2816 copyDevon’s EG hatch

IMG_2814 copyThe mean girls. JC, Punit and I. God, I can’t get over how good they looked beside each other all clean. Great combo.

IMG_2811 copyJC’s CT200h and Melyssa Grace

IMG_2810 copyShe did a great job posing btw. Her presence was definitely different than all the other models there during the show, it was great shooting the few shots I did with her.

IMG_2809 copyAss shots with Rich’s 24-70L. I love car shows because my car will never be that clean all year round again.

IMG_2807 copyJC’s CT

IMG_2806 copyPunit’s GS. Killed the fitment. Not too much poke, not too much camber.

IMG_2803 copyA quick shot of my trunk set up. I threw in my LV belt for extra brownie points for the show LOL. Steve and Barb are making their way to Hong Kong – so I asked them to pick up a pair of LV belts for me there to strap the tank down permanently. Right now, it’s held down with cheap fabric belts I got at H&M lol.

IMG_2802 copyShot of the rear. While it does go low, I know it can go even lower. I gotta play with it sometime this summer but for now I’m quite happy with how it all fits.

IMG_2800 copyPhil’s AE86 looking mean.

IMG_2798 copyDerrek’s engine bay.

IMG_2797 copyDerrek’s Louis Vuitton shift boot. It’s actually a real Louis Vuitton bag that was cut up to make it. He said his mom’s bag was getting old and started to rip, so he sat there with a stitch ripper and took out all the original stitches and stitched it back together into a shift boot. I told him he should’ve brought the cut up bag for proof that it was real since it’s an older pattern. Love it.

IMG_2796 copyThe Honda S600. So good.

IMG_2795 copyTommy’s engine bay in his M3.

IMG_2794 copyTommy’s wheel and brake set up. BBS FI’s and Brembo BBK

IMG_2789 copy

IMG_2782 copyZeeshan’s engine and valve cover.

IMG_2780 copy

IMG_2777 copyMichael’s Mazda3 fitment.

IMG_2774 copyPhil’s engine bay and ITB’s

IMG_2772 copyPhil’s CCW fitment

IMG_2770 copyAnother shot of Regina George.

IMG_2769 copyNikki’s Air Runner trunk set up.

IMG_2766 copyThe hat that Naomi got for JC. Mean Girls – “You can’t sit with us” hahahahaha fitting.

IMG_2764 copyJustin’s dumped TSX.

IMG_2761 copyPrashant’s C63 AMG

IMG_2760 copyIn the Scion booth, they had a driving simulator set up. Looked cool.

IMG_2759 copy

IMG_2756 copy

IMG_2754 copy

IMG_2753 copy

IMG_2751 copyAwesome low rider truck on Accuair. The finish was awesome.

IMG_2750 copyAnother.

IMG_2749 copyAn Integra from BC. Super clean.

IMG_2748 copyUnfortunately, the shot I got of the red Civic was blurry so I’m pretty disappointed about that, but here’s a dual shot.

IMG_2746 copyBetter shot of the black Integra. Love everything about this car from the wheel choice to the fitment.

IMG_2744 copyReggie’s interior looking great.

IMG_2743 copyAnother type R with a beautifully finished TE37. Love the colour.

IMG_2740 copyReggie’s Type R. This is another amazing car that you have to see in person to appreciate. I wish I got more shots of it. The decals and the placement all works so well. There isn’t a single thing about his car that I didn’t like.

IMG_2738 copyA full shot of the yellow Type R.

IMG_2674 copyEnding part V with Melyssa Grace and Regina George.

IMG_2676 copyThe end!

Thanks for sticking around! Apologies to those that I missed shots of. I’m looking forward to next year and hoping that everyone comes out even better than this year. I know I’m already looking for new parts to help complete the big booty sedan.

Is it wishful thinking that I hope there are no more just-wrapped cars entered into the show next year? Or is there any bets on a new trend? I’m hoping that the VIP scene grows from now until then. I just hope it doesn’t grow into something where everybody thinks they can buy an big body sedan and then slap some Rota’s or Varrstoen’s on them and think they have a VIP build. We’ll see I guess…

Until next time!

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