Driven 2013: Part IV

Let’s start part IV right away! Again – out of order, and not in the mood to really put them in order, so if it looks like it skips, you’ll most likely see it somewhere near the bottom or middle of this post somewhere. Everyone just wants to look at cars anyways 🙂

IMG_2685 copySUPER clean

IMG_2735 copyAlfred’s WRX on XT7’s in the WSC booth

IMG_2734 copy

IMG_2733 copy

IMG_2732 copyChase’s Subie. Super clean and the paint is glossy. Love it.

IMG_2731 copyJory’s STI

IMG_2730 copyJimmy’s crazy 2JZ 2GS on Rotiforms

IMG_2729 copy

IMG_2727 copyRay’s STI Sedan on Work M1R’s

IMG_2725 copyDaniel’s crazy BMW M3 GT on his brand new BBS’s

IMG_2724 copySuper clean 2GS on Meister S1R’s

IMG_2722 copyGiuseppe’s Skyline looking good as always

IMG_2721 copyJimmy’s LS430 with his Accuair trunk set up. Congratulations to him for winning best VIP that night! I’m super stoked to see someone else locally do VIP up how it should be done. I spoke with Jimmy for a good half hour to 45 minutes that day bouncing ideas off of each other for ideas on building a VIP platform. A great build for sure.

IMG_2720 copyFull shot of his LS430. If I could own a LS430 for a DD, I would totally get one. I should think of selling the Civic and picking one of these up.

IMG_2719 copyThe fastest GTR in Alberta.

IMG_2716 copyZR Auto’s exotics

IMG_2715 copyA nicely put together Skyline on Meister S1’s. His decals changed this year *I think*. Looks great though.

IMG_2713 copyNot really feelin’ the two tone, but still clean overall.

IMG_2712 copyAn awesome S14 with a great overall presence.

IMG_2710 copyBeyond’s C63 Black Series on ADV1’s

IMG_2707 copyTunerwork’s Ford GT

IMG_2706 copyDanny’s STI Hatch. This IMO had the BEST paint in terms of absolutely no swirls or marring at all. Danny did a great job putting this together and is by far one of my favourite hatches with a legit Chargespeed carbon lip kit and TE37SL’s. So good.

IMG_2705 copyNick’s GTR freshly lowered.

IMG_2704 copyTunerwork’s Cayenne. Gangster

IMG_2702 copy

IMG_2699 copy

IMG_2698 copyA very nice Evo X from 780 Tuners. His wing was also demonstrating it’s capability to move up and down. I forget the name of the wing, but I did look into it when I was looking at getting one for my STI back then but the “look” of it didn’t do it for me, even though it’s great wing.

IMG_2697 copyJules’ Ford Focus looking good on her new Rotiforms.

IMG_2696 copy

IMG_2695 copy

IMG_2694 copy

IMG_2692 copyMy dream still exists. Loved this Nismo 370Z on TE37SL’s. I hope to still get one of these…

IMG_2690 copy

IMG_2689 copy

IMG_2688 copy

IMG_2687 copy

IMG_2686 copyNice to end it off with super clean bimmers all around from Project Technik.

Part V should be the last of it… Coming tomorrow!

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