Driven 2013: Part III

Part 3! Continuing on with the goodness. About half done now!

I will say this – after wandering outside the illmotion booth, I noticed that there are a handful of cars that are done exceptionally well from the wheel choice, to their aesthetic mods, right down to the paint condition and cleanliness. The reason I say that is because I saw a comment on one of the forums that this show is not that great for two reasons: 1) if you’re a registrant, you’re paying $45 to park with the same group you park with at the Beyond meets at Chinook every Wednesday, and 2) if you’re the audience, you’re paying $17 (or something like that) to come see the same group you could see at the Beyond meets at Chinook every Wednesday.

That kind of attitude is pretty bad, but the premise is legitimate and I totally get it. There are some cars that were totally stock except maybe tint or painted stock wheels. That’s still stock – regardless of whether you’re car was over the “$45,000” retail or whatever that excused you from having modifications. Personally – I could go to the dealership to see them if I really wanted to. But at the other end of the spectrum, we’re all car guys and I get that too. Everybody starts from the ground up, but I wouldn’t put my car in if I was still on the ground, if you know what I mean. It was slightly annoying taking pictures of cars that had a full wrap done on stock suspension and wheels – that seemed to be the common trend this year – and not because it’s a bad thing, but because it doesn’t generally interest me and it’s not interesting to edit and post.

Blah anyways – I sound like a hater again. But really – don’t mind what I say. I am just trying to speak from a different perspective and I would like to see quality cars with time, effort, (and money) put into them if I’m paying something like $20 to come see them. Nonetheless, the quality is slowly getting better year by year, and it’s great to see. Just think – if you’ve saved $1000 for your Rota’s, then you gotta save just a little longer for some Volks. Maybe.

*Note: Kind of out of order since I uploaded them. But it doesn’t really matter lol.

IMG_2672 copyOK let’s start off with a flashback pic. As I was walking by, the video that Corey did of my STI last year was playing so I took a dual shot showing the both of them. God, I miss the STI sometimes…

IMG_2666 copyJ Swap Civic that hasn’t been running for I can’t remember how long now. At least it looks good.

IMG_2665 copy

IMG_2664 copyThe red NSX that also hasn’t changed for who knows how long…

IMG_2663 copyAh one of my favourites. 350Z on a set of SSR SP3’s. I love these wheels along with the MS3’s. SSR killed it. Super clean car too.

IMG_2662 copyCory Reinhardt’s track prepped Miata.

IMG_2661 copyA pretty clean  Subie – it doesn’t have the dreaded Subaru paint syndrome.

IMG_2660 copyBlack edition GTR

IMG_2659 copyOne of my favourites from the VW Close to Home show.

IMG_2658 copySupra on Gram Lights with the titanium coated lip. I’ll admit that I loved this finish about 4 years ago when it came out, but for some reason now they aren’t as attractive.

IMG_2657 copyClean Datsun except for all the stickers on the back window. All the way down the right and left side and center. You could stand there for a good 5 minutes reading them all.

IMG_2656 copyBagged GLI

IMG_2655 copyAnother from the close to home show.

IMG_2654 copyDon’s Golf R.

IMG_2653 copy

IMG_2652 copyNot sure what was going on with this one. Flashing LED’s, doors and trunk wide open most of the show. Not great for photo ops.

IMG_2651 copy

IMG_2650 copy

IMG_2649 copyAnother shot of the “Nazi VW”

IMG_2648 copy

IMG_2647 copy

IMG_2645 copy

IMG_2644 copy

IMG_2643 copyI know shit all about bikes but I do know this was bad ass. Full carbon fiber panels and everything. Maybe it’s the ricer in me but this was great. haha

IMG_2642 copy

IMG_2640 copy

IMG_2639 copy

IMG_2637 copy

IMG_2636 copy

IMG_2677 copyScion FRS. Had dirty ass wheels though…

IMG_2678 copy

IMG_2679 copyVaris kitted Subaru hatch. First one I’ve seen locally since I sold mine. I wish it were on real RE30’s though. Unless I am mistaken…..

IMG_2680 copyPretty nice Evo X on RPF1’s

IMG_2682 copy

IMG_2683 copy

IMG_2684 copyI’ll end if with this for today…

Part IV tomorrow!

4 thoughts on “Driven 2013: Part III

  1. I agree 100%. I personally put a lot of work into my car. I noticed quite a few dirty cars and ones with BAD paint and body work. Kind of disappointing. I think part f the problem is having to give up your car Friday night and having to be there all day Saturday.

    Sorry I don’t say hi, little bit shy, car looks good!

    • I dunno – we DID have all Friday evening and Saturday morning to clean and something as simple as wiping the wheels down wasn’t done. I think if you and I – especially coming from Edmonton – had clean cars, there’s really no excuse IMO haha.

      And no worries! I spotted you walking around a bit. Next time!

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