Driven 2013: Part II

Continuing on my post for Driven 2013.

I totally forgot to edit all of these before I went on my business trip to San Francisco so I woke up early before my flight, edited them all, and uploaded them for me to post while I’m here. LOL! I’ll be here till Friday but I’ll be posting pics during the evening when I get back to the hotel so stay tuned!

Anyways, Let’s continue on around the Oval. Keep in mind, if you’re looking for your car and you don’t see it – chances are that the picture either turned out blurry or some dude kept standing by it and I didn’t want to wait around. Blame that dude you didn’t get a picture.

Starting off with the UCCC line up.

IMG_2601 copyBill’s Ford Focus looking clean.

IMG_2602 copy

IMG_2603 copyTerence’s Merc

IMG_2604 copy

IMG_2605 copy

IMG_2606 copy

IMG_2607 copy

IMG_2608 copyKyle Hugo’s 1st Gen Celica that later won an award (sorry can’t remember which one). But by following him on his Instagram, I believe he got a paint job literally hours before roll in.

IMG_2609 copy

IMG_2610 copy

IMG_2611 copy

IMG_2612 copy

IMG_2613 copy

IMG_2614 copy

IMG_2615 copyStarting at the 1st Gear Auto Booth… Probably the cleanest car in their booth was this Ep3…

IMG_2616 copyWasn’t feeling this front bumper much but the rest of the car was clean.

IMG_2617 copy

IMG_2618 copy

IMG_2619 copy

IMG_2620 copyHello Kitty Eclipse. The end.

IMG_2621 copyThe paint on this R32 was minty.

IMG_2622 copyCrazy track prepped Neon

IMG_2623 copy

IMG_2624 copy

IMG_2625 copy

IMG_2626 copy

IMG_2627 copy

IMG_2629 copy

IMG_2630 copy

IMG_2631 copy

IMG_2632 copyThis was quite an interesting car. Had Marvel comics plastered all over the fenders and hatch. Adam explained that the symbols painted on the side of the door represented aspects from WWII. The bombs indicated how many enemy planes they shot down. I get the uniqueness of the whole idea, but don’t think it works…

IMG_2633 copyMeisters look good on everything.

IMG_2634 copyEngine set up…

Part III coming tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Driven 2013: Part II

  1. That Golf hatch seems to have been inspired by Mighty Car Mods’ project from a while ago. Search Budget Street Cred on Youtube.

    Also, thanks for the shot of my car!

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