Driven 2013 – Before the Doors Open

Well you can think of this as my warm up round for pictures. I went around with the 24-70 in the illmotion booth and got pics of all the cars there. I took a shitload of pics that you’ll see over the next few days.. I tried my best to take pictures of every car so it’ll get up here sooner or later.

Once again – a great show and it’s awesome that each year, the show just keeps getting bigger and better. I said it last year and it’s necessary to say again – it’s nice to see people slowly stepping up their game. It’s nice to see good quality builds with good quality parts coming together and illmotion in particular always recruits great builds.

Let’s get started… It gets better…

IMG_2494 copy

My LS. Damn I love it.

IMG_2495 copy

Brought my LS600hL RC car haha. I remember when I ordered this body, I said “Man, I wish I could afford a real LS”. Is it appropriate to now insert: “Started from the bottom….” LOL jk

IMG_2496 copy

Punit’s GS450h. Gangster.

IMG_2497 copy

JC’s CT200h

IMG_2498 copy

Prashant’s C63 AMG

IMG_2499 copy

Rich’s WRX

IMG_2500 copy

Lester’s Mini Cooper. So gangster!

IMG_2502 copy

A Classic Honda S600. I can’t remember the name of the owner!

IMG_2503 copy

Arif’s Civic

IMG_2505 copy

Justin’s TSX. Glad he has some silver wheels now. His black CE’s were impossible to photograph haha

IMG_2506 copy

Derrek’s Integra

IMG_2508 copy

IMG_2509 copy

Adam’s Civic on his crazy Meisters

IMG_2510 copy

Nikki’s bagged Yaris

IMG_2512 copy

Andy’s Skyline R32

IMG_2514 copy

Aldo’s S2000

IMG_2516 copy

Steve’s RSX

IMG_2519 copy

RX7 – I’m sorry, I didn’t get a chance to meet you! But awesome rotary.

IMG_2520 copy

Michael’s Mazda3

IMG_2522 copy

Duncan’s boosted Civic

IMG_2523 copy

Adrian’s boosted Civic.

IMG_2524 copy

Zeeshan’s Civic

IMG_2525 copy

Daniel’s Del Sol from Edmonton

IMG_2526 copy

Isaac’s Civic from Edmonton

IMG_2527 copy

Chris’s RSX looking good.

IMG_2528 copy

Noel’s S13 that he finished just in time for the show. Looking awesome!

IMG_2529 copy

Didn’t get a chance to meet this owner either. But his RSX looked clean on the chrome RPF1’s

IMG_2534 copy

Tommy’s crazy M3 on one of my favourite sets of wheels – BBS FI’s over a Brembo GT big brake kit. His bike is beside that but the shot turned out blurry… I’ll have  another later.

IMG_2535 copy

Jonathan’s Bimmer

IMG_2536 copy

Another owner I didn’t get to meet either but a clean Silvia on 3PC meisters that I shot in the pre-show post/

IMG_2538 copy

IMG_2539 copy

IMG_2540 copy

Shane’s Integra

IMG_2542 copy

Romel’s AE86

IMG_2543 copy

Phil’s crazy AE86

IMG_2547 copy

Devon’s EG hatch

IMG_2548 copy

Crazy targa Supra. Paint is so mint.

IMG_2549 copy

Ryan’s EP3

IMG_2552 copy

Corey’s Civic.

Stay tuned! I’ll have new content up every day for the show.. I got 300 pics to go through and I plan on posting 95% of them unless they’re shitty.

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