LS460 Air Install: Part III.5

Well – the reason I called this Part 3.5 is because it’s not good enough to be a part IV and I want so bad to make sure that part IV is the car dropped on the ground and part V to be the finale, the creme de le creme, the cherry on top – the wheels finally on the car and ready for Driven. Jackie is aiming for tomorrow night for it to be done. I stopped by quick with Diana to see if we could help wrap the trunk piece all over again since it had to be ripped off to bolt everything down. The fabric was catching and in retrospect, we should’ve glued it down. Those of you doing air installs – remember that haha.

Anyways here are some quick pics I snapped.

IMG_2352 copy

You can see the e-level wires hanging. They are routed.IMG_2353 copy

The rear. These wires are so damn long for some reason…IMG_2354 copy

The front.IMG_2357 copy

A shot of the front where Jackie replaced the 90 degree angle air valve to a straight one to prevent rubbing on the inside wells. Love it.IMG_2358 copy

The board with the tank tied down and the compressors bolted down. The VU4 and ECU need to be bolted down as well. Holes have been drilled to route the air lines and wiring as well. IMG_2360 copy

On the way home. Got a shot of Diana’s car randomly. We slapped her wheels on finally today and it looks great. The Meisters were meant to be on the Fit. So good.

Anyways – tomorrow my sister is dropping my wheels off at Urban X South for Gary and Cort to mount them because my tires came in today. In the evening, I’ll be going to pick them up and then heading over to Jackie’s. I’m hoping that we’re on time and I can drive it home tomorrow. I know Jackie doesn’t want to look at another air suspension set up again and I don’t want it hanging there anymore so it’ll be a win win. I hope to have a good update tomorrow for you guys. Instagram will probably be the first place I update – so check in the evening!

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