LS460 Air Install: Part III

Stopped by the shop again for a few hours to see progress on the LS. Air lines are run throughout the car and it looks pretty stock. Huge thanks to JC for being my chauffeur for the day while I’m car-less!
I’ve taken a few pics of how the air lines are run.
Still chugging along!

IMG_2337 copy

The front lines running under the car.

IMG_2340 copy

It’s crazy cause Jackie found a spot for the air lines to run right with the other lines and amazingly enough, there’s an extra slot for the 3/8″ line to snap right into. It’s the third line from the right.

IMG_2341 copy

Here it is going into the trunk. A plugged grommet was removed and it led right into the trunk.

IMG_2342 copy

Meanwhile, Punit decided to test his rears to see how they fit for the first time.

IMG_2343 copy

Brad contemplating.

IMG_2344 copy

How it is in the air. 4×4 mode.

IMG_2346 copy

On the ground… and still 4×4 mode. I think it’s a great height. LOL

His coils should be here on Tuesday so that’s when his install goes down…

IMG_2348 copy

Jackie routing the rear lines straight through to the bag from the trunk.

IMG_2350 copy

The hole was drilled and it leads directly into the valve.

That’s all the updates I have today. I believe Jackie and Brad are now running the sensors and getting everything bolted down to the board. 6 days left till Driven and it feels like we’ve got a million things left to do… Stressful.

Stay tuned for tomorrow – I’ll probably have more updates as well as coverage from the VW show we visited today quickly.

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