LS460 Air Install: Part II

Made another trip to Zero Limit to see how Jackie was doing on the car. All four struts were now in and all that’s needed left is to run the airlines and wires and then install the elevel sensors and finally mount the trunk set up.
Exciting to see but nervous at the same time – mainly because I’m so anxious to get it back haha

Diana’s dad had a nice wooden board I could use to replace the trunk piece and then Diana and I went to Fabricland to get a meter of fabric to wrap it after it was cut… Busy day!

IMG_1980 copy

The car up on the jacks. You can see the bags in now.IMG_1981 copy

Up close of the rear.IMG_1982 copy

Here’s the front.IMG_1984 copy

Diana tracing out the board.IMG_1985 copy

Pics of the stock air bags…IMG_1986 copy

We went back to Diana’s to get it cut using a jigsaw since we couldn’t use the hack saw like I thought we could LOL. Diana’s bro did a great job cutting it for me.IMG_1988 copy

Took us a while to get it wrapped nice and tight and stapling it done but we did it nice. Thanks to Diana, JC and Aldo for giving a hand.IMG_1989 copy

The other side. Looks perfect. We even lined up that center line nice hahaIMG_1990 copy

Here’s how we tentatively placed it and how it should sort of look once it’s all bolted down and good to go. The tank looks great.IMG_1991 copy

We placed it in the trunk just to see. I forgot to put the tank back in but it looks dope.

Anyways – that’s as far as it got today. Jackie will be putting in more work all night so I suspect there will be much more progress tomorrow. I’m hoping Jackie can finish it up for tomorrow so I can get the car back for the week. But we’ll see how it goes!

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