Project: Paint the Tank!

With the install of the air starting tomorrow evening, I have to start busting my balls right after I’m done work to get more work done on the car. Today I was set out to paint the tank cause I can’t stand how it looks how it comes. It’s not even chromed or anything. It’s just really half assed and shitty looking. I set out to go buy some paint to find the closest match. It ended up being a little more brighter and vibrant than the smokey granite mica that the Lexus is, but when it’s in the trunk in the dark, it’ll be pretty tough to tell. I thought it was a nice colour anyway at the end of it all.

Punit and Gopesh also came by to help out and I helped him fix up the lip of of his new wheels for the GS to get it looking a little more shinier. The pics will be meh for his wheels since he wants to keep it secret until the show on May 11th…

IMG_1952 copy

How it comes stock. Just shitty looking. Plugged up all the holes.IMG_1953 copy

Ghetto rigged it under a ladder to paint it.IMG_1954 copy

After sanding to scuff it up a little more, I sprayed on the primer and let it sit.IMG_1955 copy

Once that dried, I laid on the first coat of paint. Stopped just to take a pic hahaIMG_1956 copy

First coat…IMG_1958 copy

Second coat…IMG_1959 copyIMG_1961 copy

Took a break while waiting for it to dry more and we polished up Punit’s wheels. Looks nice now!IMG_1962 copy

Doing work! I smudged out his wheel cause I didn’t actually hide it that well in this pic haha.IMG_1963 copy

Final clear coat on! Nice and shiny!IMG_1964 copy

Looks so good. Can’t wait to see it in the trunk.IMG_1966 copy

Had to put it here to let it dry over night. But I also had to park my car and this is how close I got for the garage door to close LOL. Came in hot and almost hit it according to Punit. hahahaha

Thanks for the help today Punit and Gopesh!

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