Mode Luxe Decals

After a few weeks, the decals are finally done. Huge thanks to Tyler over at Vinyl Appeal for getting these done for me! Hit him up if you have any decals you want done.

They turned out looking great, even with the small lettering on the corners. I love the look of them because they really resemble the classic Japanese car club decals. I’ve been thinking of making other designs but then it would just get crazy haha. I’ll look into putting them up for sale or something if anyone is interested… Until then, shoot me an email or message me if you want one asap.

IMG_1896 copy

Tyler’s contact infoIMG_1898 copy

VIP style shizIMG_1899 copy

On the LSIMG_1900 copy

My car makes it look friggin tiny. It’s 8″x2.75″

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