Accuair Trunk Setups

With the recent awesome news today from Mark over at Ravspec that my air components have finally shipped and are en route for May 30th along with the news from Nick saying my wheels should be here as early as Friday – I’m getting super anxious. With only 2 and a half weeks left until Driven, I’m in a mad rush to make sure I’m talking to the right people and getting everything done on time and properly.

After work today, I gave Jackie a text asking if he’s free to tackle the install of the air suspension – he asked that I bring it by for him to take a quick look at what he’s working with and within a few minutes, he’s got a good idea of what needs to be done. Jackie also recently opened up his own shop – Zero Limit – with new hoists, equipment, and all the good stuff. I’m super stoked for him especially because we’ve all been longing for something that can bring us back to the Speedtech days. We used to go and hang out and just talk cars and it was a great atmosphere – since it’s shut down, there hasn’t been much of a hangout spot or even space to just work on our cars, whether it’s swapping wheels or installing other parts. I mentioned to Jackie that I personally hope that his shop grows and becomes something that brings us all together again. I think a lot of us has lost some of the passion for the cars because we’re missing the place to go do what we love.

But I digress – Jackie is going to be taking the LS next week to start taking it apart and getting it ready for the installation of the suspesnsion, lines and all that other jazz. As soon as I get the stuff, I’ll be heading over there as well to spend some time in the evening to come up with a simple and nice way to organize the tanks and two Viair compressors in the trunk. I’ve been looking for ideas and while I’m far from hardcore and doing hardlines, I’ll stick with my plastic/rubber lines. Unfortunately with the time crunch and all the projects going on at work, I don’t have much time to create anything fancy. I’ve found some simple set ups – just for some ideas. I kind of want to paint the tank with a design or at least a colour – if anyone has any unique suggestions – let me know!!

Until then… here’s some inspiration for myself.


This one is a cool set up. Except you kind of lose the functionality of the trunk. The VU4 unit and ECU is in the center while the compressors are on the side. I want the symmetrical look.


This one is super crazy and unique and I love the diamond stitch board. Although, I’m pretty sure I won’t be getting rid of the spare tire so I’ll be sticking to surface mounts.


Another simple one with the compressors tucked away to the sides and behind the tank. Not sure about wrapping my tank in a fabric, but who knows…


A simple floor board set up. Something I think I’ll probably end up going with because it’s the most space efficient and it’s generally pretty clean. Most of those wires would be tucked away though.


Another one with the compressors raised and I love this. But again – I’m not sure where I would put the VU4 and ECU…


And another idea I might do to save space and stay simple. I’m a fan of this one just because it’s clean.


Last one – similar to the last few. Just gotta decide where I want to put the compressors. The tank will ultimately be in the center at the back of the trunk… We’ll see!

Stay tuned, the end of the week and going forward is going to start getting crazy. Punit got his wheels today and dropped by to show me and my god, I love them and I think they’ll look wicked on his GS. I’ll leave that to him to unveil…

4 thoughts on “Accuair Trunk Setups

  1. I like the simple metal design with symmetry but I think that you should carry the wood theme from your interior trim into the trunk design. Im not talking full wood trunk, but giving yourself the ability to add some accents to carry the interior theme to the trunk would be nice.

    • Ah that’s a great idea! I need to find some way to incorporate it somehow on the tank or in and around the set up… Thanks!

      • Yeah, you’d have to find your exact trim, but I think that, as much as I hate to say it, the full wood trunk is being overdone. Personally, I prefer the look of something that has a theme carried all the way through from tip to tail.

        If you’re gonna paint your tank, a colour from the interior or using the exterior colour would also be cool.

  2. Finding that exact trim would be near impossible lol. The process that Lexus goes through to make the wood trim for the LS is quite interesting…
    I’m trying to think of a way to be able to incorporate it at later time after it’s all in as well. Being able to get the same leather and to wrap maybe the tank in it with wood trim along the board would be cool.

    I was also thinking about painting the tank the same as my exterior color too… decisions decisions…

    Thanks for the suggestions!

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