Honda Mondays

It’s that time again. Let’s revisit Ryan’s EP3 – a car that he’s been working on for a looooong time. I *think* he purchased it brand new or close to brand new years ago and it’s come a long way with many different stages – namely wheel changes. I shot these about 2-3 years ago and now he’s on Volk SE37’s in orange. Either way, his Ep3 is probably the cleanest in the city and incredibly immaculate in condition.

The reason I decided to re-edit Ryan’s photos from years ago was because I saw on his Instagram that he was thinking of selling it because he was bored of it. I give him props though because I got bored of my cars after 2 years lol. It would be sad to see this one go though since it has been around since the beginning. Whatever the choice, I’m sure Ryan will continue on with a new platform just as well.

IMG_1785 copy

On Volk CE28n’s with the white time attack colour. At the time, he was one of the first to cop these and it was all the hype. IMG_1790 copy IMG_1801 copy IMG_4995 copy

I believe this was a year after the CE28n’s and he moved on to the limited formula silver RE30’s. Still looking great.IMG_4998 copy

This was probably my favourite wheel of all the sets he’s owned. It worked nicely – both colour wise and design. IMG_5026 copy

Last shot I had before he moved onto the orange Volk SE37’s. I swear I had shots of them, but I guess I only had rolling ones. Volk fanboy for real.

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