Eric’s 240SX – S3 Magazine!

Well – it’s been about 6 months since I’ve shot Eric’s 240SX and it has finally made its way to print in S3 Magazine! I’m super stoked – for Eric to get his whip into a magazine and for my shots to go into print! The only other shot I ever got into print was in Import Tuner years ago of Terence’s S2000.

I was pretty anxious to finally see it so I went by the shop to meet Eric and pick up a copy. I wish I had my camera with me because his car was on the hoist and pretty much in pieces – new wheels, new aero, more body work, and some fresh paint coming again. I’m hoping that this time, I get the chance to shoot it while it’s still fresh – not that there was anything wrong with shooting a torn and battered version because it was definitely different than what I usually shoot.

Anyways – here’s some shots of the print – if you guys happen to come across any S3 magazines – make sure to cop it and let me know where you find it! I’m also excited to finally post all the pictures from that shoot since we had to keep it under wraps until now.

IMG_1672 copy

IMG_1668 copy

The first page.

IMG_1669 copy

IMG_1670 copy  IMG_1671 copy

And the last page. Let’s move onto all the shots from the two nights… The burnout shots come from round 2 of our shoots. I’ll start there.

IMG_0139 copy

Getting ready for the burnout shot.

IMG_0141 copy

Trouble starting the car since it was pretty much ready to be put away for the winter last year…

IMG_0144 copy

Finally got it started and we were off…

IMG_0145 copy

Smoke building

IMG_0147 copy

IMG_0148 copy

Got to the point where any shot after this was basically nothing but red lights from his brakes.

IMG_0150 copy

A surrounding shot.

IMG_0151 copy

IMG_0157 copy

The aftermath.

IMG_8565 copy

Here is the first time we went to shoot. He was just getting the car ready to bring it out.

IMG_8568 copy

IMG_8636 copy

Onto the highway…

IMG_8654 copy

Rollers! Love the way the wheels just shine.

IMG_8668 copy

IMG_8733 copy

This is probably one of my favourite rolling shots ever. Just turned out so awesome – the wheels looks wicked.

IMG_8748 copy

Stitched up.

IMG_8757 copy

IMG_8765 copy

Cracked rear over fenders from all the drifting. He’s got new ones coming…

IMG_8774 copy

IMG_8779 copy

IMG_8793 copy


IMG_8798 copy

IMG_8805 copy

IMG_8810 copy

IMG_8811 copy


IMG_8813 copy

IMG_8817 copy

Wherever we went, you would just hear the car scrape like it was nothing lol. It hurt me inside but I’m sure it’s normal for Eric..

IMG_8825 copy

Some quick drifting around in an empty lot

IMG_8832 copy

Again – that’s how low it is everywhere.

IMG_8841 copy

IMG_8851 copy

IMG_8858 copy

IMG_9821 copy

And here we begin round 2.

IMG_9823 copy

More of his lip was missing by the time we shot it the second time lol

IMG_9836 copy

Cold as F that day… exhaust smoke…

IMG_9841 copy

IMG_9846 copy

IMG_9864 copy

Twin shot. I also loved this shot. This would make a good canvas. If only I was rich I would make a canvas out of all my favourite shots of each car I shoot.

IMG_9875 copy

Night time rollers. All Wangan-esque.

IMG_9951 copy


Anyways – congrats to Eric for building a sick 240 that really gets used the way it’s built and intended for. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to shoot it and getting it into print!

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