Alex’s Integra – Favourites

Back in 2010 – one of the first cars I shot for illmotion was Alex’s boosted Integra. This was literally the cleanest Integras that I had seen and it still is. Everything on Alex’s car is mint – fresh paint and it was always being worked on. Alex was always working on it and adding new things. At the time that we shot it, he was “happy” with it at the time, but like always – he changed his mind pretty quick.

At the time – he just hit a little over 1000km’s on the car. Insanity. To be quite honest – the only time I ever see Alex’s car is when we go to car shows LOL

Back when we shot it, he was putting down 368 hp at 12lbs of boost. There have been a handful of changes over the years, especially last year when the motor blew on the dyno. He was pretty close to parting it out and giving up on it but thankfully, Alex decided to give it another chance. Good thing too – it would’ve been sad to see such a great car get parted out. It’s always sad when owners move on and part out their good projects.

IMG_0801 copy

Check that paint. IMG_0805 copy

Loved this shot. Since then, we’ve never really been able to get a shot in that location again. Looking at this picture always gives me the chills. Mainly because I remember I opened the door to take interior shots and the edge of his door slightly hit the curb. My heart dropped – Alex took it well though and I’m glad he didn’t rip my head off even though I know he wanted to inside. I remember apologizing all night LOL… But no chips or dings!IMG_0820 copy

Makes me wonder if this shot was worth it… hahaIMG_0830 copy

When I was still noob at rolling shots.IMG_0884 copy

So clean! TE37 + Spoon twin block calipers is always a perfect combo.IMG_0888 copy

Up close shot. Mint wheels.IMG_0896 copy

Interior. Peep the baller bolts Ti steering wheel bolts. Spoon gen 2 wheel. Mugen cluster… catching on yet?IMG_0911 copy

Rear shot.IMG_0917 copy

Engine shot. Super clean.IMG_0923 copy

Spoon hoses everywhere.IMG_0924 copy

More baller bolts Ti nuts holding down the Mugen front strut bar and suspension. Again – such attention to detail. This brings me to my last point about the car – there are 30 sets of Mugen license plate bolts in the engine bay. Every 10mm bolt has been replaced. Bolts that you can’t even see. That’s legitimate love and dedication for the car and the obsession we all have for our cars. The parts for this car is just endless…

I’m surprised that I’ve forgotten about Alex’s shoot and I should’ve posted it long ago… but it’s a good throwback for this week…

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