Driven 2013 x illmotion

The countdown is now on. It’s officially under a month until Driven – a whole month earlier than when it usually is. The snow is still on the ground and the weather is still barely hitting double digits, about 3/4 of us have our cars out, and about 1/4 are even ready with their parts. It’s going to be a huge rush to get everything done on time for most of us.

With that said, it doesn’t take away the fact that it’s exciting – illmotion kills it every year with the booth and the cars that come out. It’s definitely refreshing to see a lot of the cars that don’t usually make it out to meets or shows come for this. Also, Melyssa Grace will be joining them in the booth this year so make sure to come by. I have a feeling this year is going to be even better than the last.

The post over at illmotion
Save The Date: illmotion @ Driven 2013


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