VIP Toyota Avalon?

With my recent obsession with the Toyota Crown and begging Toyota from my little corner to take our Avalon and give us the crown in exchange… I thought of something crazy today.

On my way home from work, I saw a car behind me with LED DRL’s and at first I didn’t know what the F it was because the grill was totally different and I thought it was bad ass. As it got closer, I saw it was a Toyota and I was trying to think what it could possibly be. Then I remembered back to the auto show and that it was the Avalon. While it’s true that it’s pretty bad ass looking now – it’ll never replace the Crown. Instead, I thought – WHAT IF!? What if someone actually took the new Avalon and did something crazy with it. I don’t expect their to be crazy aftermarket support – but all you really need on a VIP style car is air and some big baller rims and maybe even a BBK if you have the luxury of having that option.

So I did it quickly in PS and I think it looks gangster. It’s similar to when people do up Camry’s – few are nice but there’s been maybe one or two that have been done right and I can appreciate that.

First one is on Weds Kranze Vishunu’s and Project Mu BBK. Second is on Weds Kranze LXZ. I just quickly picked some popular VIP wheels and slammed it. Kind of bad ass if I do say so myself…



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