Japanese Car Club Stickers

Really been diggin’ the Japanese car club stickers design lately and I wanted something subtle and clean for my back window so I started playing around with some ideas. Bounced some names off of JC, Punit and Diana to see what sounded best and could look good at the same time.

The style of all Japanese car club stickers are all pretty much the same – it just says something different most of the time. Thanks to JC, we came up with “Mode Luxe” with Luxe being in Japanese.

The top left says “High Style Society”.

This appeals to me because it’s just so clean and simple. I want it more to match the build theme – not to create some new group. I’ll probably end up having a bunch of these cut if anyone wants to cop some though. This seems to be 90% final so far unless I think of something else to design. What do you guys think?


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