Gorilla Lug Nuts

This is officially the most boring post I’ve ever had. Only because the product itself is not too exciting either and if the product isn’t exciting, the pictures are less exciting.

Unfortunately, the LS has a pretty lame thread pitch of 14×1.5 unlike the usual patterns that you may be used to – 12×1.5 for example. That means I can’t really run any cool looking lugs like Project Kics or something fancy like that. I believe there is a set of VIP Garson lugs with crystal ends that are like $300 but there is a long wait time that I don’t have time for. Most of the LS guys are running either these Gorilla lugs or McGard lugs. Pretty plain but at the end of the day, the lug nuts are probably the last thing that is looked at when they’re kind of hidden by the 21″ wheels and stuff lol – at least I’m hoping anyway. I’m also not sure how I feel about crystal ended lug nuts haha.

Anyways the only cool thing about this whole situation is that I ordered these off of Amazon on Monday at around 2PM and paid an extra $35 for two day shipping from Phoenix. I ended up getting it on Tuesday before lunch. Less than 24 hours for only $15 more? Win. If I had chose the cheapest option, it would’ve taken 8-10 days. This blows my mind hahaha. I’m crossing my fingers the wheels come in either by the end of this week or at the very latest, it’ll be the week after. But like I said before, the weather isn’t the greatest right now anyway so they won’t go on the car right away. It would just be nice to have them in my possession to look at everyday lol.

IMG_1663 copy IMG_1665 copy

Simple. lol

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