This Weather is a Tease…

Today was the hottest day of the year so far with a high of +19C – it was like summer already… Unfortunately the next 7 days is going to be shitty and we’re expecting flurries again in the forecast and a high of +5C. That’s why Calgary weather is so lame!

Anyways – since we’re saying good bye to the nice weather again, Ricky, Derrick, Diana and I decided to have one last run to Airdrie and have some Menchies again. I think I speak for the rest of us when I say we don’t go to get the yogurt because we actually don’t LOVE it, we go because we just want to cruise somewhere and chill. It’s another good chill spot that isn’t too heaty. Tough to find these days lol.

Derrick said he wanted to arm wrestle Diana and loser pays…

IMG_1489 copy

Gettin’ ready. Girl vs Girl. The outcome was unknown.

IMG_1491 copy

And go! Derrick ended up being the winner. Good effort ladies.

IMG_1502 copy

Then we just wanted to challenge Derrick for fun quickly before we left. Ricky stepped in and he’s left handed. He lost on the right and won on the left.

IMG_1503 copy

IMG_1507 copy

Next up was me I guess. Look at his wrist pretty much snapping mine down. Girls play dirty.

IMG_1510 copy

Ours ended up going on quite a while… I took the trophy on this one. As Diana said – the little guys are always crazy at arm wrestling. Watch out for dem buggers.

IMG_1513 copy

Anyways – enough of the shenanigans. We were off! Diana drove again so I could get more rollers. I love ’em if you haven’t noticed.

IMG_1518 copy

Lookin’ like a bau5

IMG_1529 copy

On the bridge. Ricky’s GTI – I think Ricky has the most rollers out of anyone I’ve shot. It’s cause he’s always with us and I just snap pics lol. I wish I had rollers…

IMG_1546 copy

Derrick in his winter beater EG until he’s done painting his Integra and getting it back together.

IMG_1593 copy

Jumped to the back seat to get rollers on the other side.

IMG_1595 copy

Just noticed how much room is at the back when Diana drives. Seat was fully reclined and I could stretch my legs out all the way lol. I’m not bragging or anything cause I’m not like 6’0 or anything, but it’s still way more than you need lol. Almost excessive hahaha

IMG_1596 copy

Got there and there was tons of parking. Derrick’s EG is sick for the winter lol

IMG_1597 copy


IMG_1598 copy

Ricky was rubbing pretty bad on the way to my house. Got out of the car and noticed all this – good thing he’s getting the quarters repainted. AGAIN lol.

IMG_1599 copy

He’s gonna hate me for posting this haha

IMG_1601 copy

More shots of Derrick’s EG

IMG_1606 copy

Full J’s Racing titanium catback. So sick haha I always wanted one when I had my Civic, but they never made it for the 8th gen unless you retrofitted it.IMG_1607 copy

Derrick has one of these on both his cars…IMG_1608 copy

Interior. That Nardi wheel is the same wheel I had on my Civic WAY back that I sold to him when I parted it out. Nice to see it gettin’ around.

IMG_1602 copy

Obligatory group shot.

IMG_1604 copy

There was a comment on the previous post when we went to Menchies that I didn’t take any pictures of yogurt. LOL here’s that picture for you.

IMG_1609 copy

Derrick checking out the LS and pushing all the buttons… Always messin’ with shit.

IMG_1627 copy

Dual roller shot on the way home with the sunset. NICE

IMG_1652 copy

And a single roller of Derrick’s car.

The next few days is gonna be pretty lame with the weather so I doubt anything will happen… I’ll try and find something to post in the meantime.

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